Our Four-Year-Old Son Wears A Dress. So What

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Our Four-Year-Old Son Wears A Dress. So What?

When I became a blogger, I knew there would be certain risks associated with putting my family’s story out there for the whole world to see. What I didn’t know, was what my life would look like five years (and a fourth child) later. I certainly hadn’t anticipated raising a little human so extraordinary in his ability to feel and be captivated by dance and music.

A child’s brain may be at its full physical size by the time they reach kindergarten, but brain development doesn’t slow down until their 20s.

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It’s All About Family

Meet Brody Hudson Schaffer, our fun-loving, free-spirited, princess-obsessed four-year-old son. The youngest of four, Boss Baby Brody certainly marches to the beat of his own drum.

Inspired by his older sister’s love for dance, there isn’t a day that goes by without a pop-up costume or dance party, and Friday nights are when we go big. And by big, I mean the whole family comes together to shake off the school/work week stresses, and say welcome to the weekend.

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We Call Him Boss Baby Brody

From the time Brody was able to walk and talk, his mission was to get everyone on the dance floor. Oftentimes, he insisted on wearing his sister’s dance costumes, and he would demand his favorite soundtrack by screaming “ALEXA! Play Anna and Elsa.” Hence, the nickname Boss Baby Brody.

Call us what you will, but my husband and I found it both humorous and fascinating to watch our two-year-old bark orders at the kitchen countertop, and then tiptoe gracefully into position and start his routine.

A child’s brain has its most dramatic growth period from birth until the age of 5. Kids learn from observation and instruction which sharpens their cognitive abilities.

toddler dancing in princess dress boy and mom in kitchenlittle boy dancing mom and toddler mom and toddler walking

We Celebrate Our Kids

My husband and I have never had an issue with Boss Baby Brody’s fascination over all things “girly” and fancy. In fact, we’re continuously inspired by his individuality. His confidence shines through when he’s dancing alongside his sister, and as parents, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your children grow together over shared passions.

And if that means our four-year-old son is wearing a dress, then so be it.

kids at the beach at sunset mom and baby posing for selfie happy little boy

The Support Is Amazing

Parenting is hard. Parenting four kids is especially hard. And parenting a child that doesn’t conform to traditional societal roles could be an even bigger challenge… only if we choose to let it.

Over the past eight weeks, we’ve received thousands of positive messages, countless gifts and virtual high fives from parents and Boss Baby Brody fans from all around the world in response to his passionate practice routine for The Nutcracker performance that went viral on social media.

Ever since, we’ve been dancing and posting videos of our everyday life just like before, yet under a new microscope that comes along with the ‘public figure’ status.

Playing is a critical learning tool for a child. They learn to make social connections, expand and use their imagination, and develop language and motor skills.

mom and baby dancing in kitchen

Teach Your Kids the Right Thing

At the end of the day, it’s our job to raise our children with good morals, respect and values. It’s also our job to encourage creativity, teach our kids kindness and respect, and let them be who they are. My husband and I are still amazed at how each of our four kids are so dynamically different from the others.

As little citizens of the planet, they need that individuality to flourish. I hope you’ll help me spread this message far and wide, and encourage kids everywhere to be their most authentic selves. It’s 2020, after all!


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9 thoughts on “Our Four-Year-Old Son Wears A Dress. So What?”

  1. All of this makes me so happy! So true…parenting is so hard. Brody’s dancing & passion at such a young age makes me smile. I love listening & watching your encouraging words & actions towards his zest. Keep doing what you’re doing. From a mom of 4 boys. Hardest job in the world!

  2. I’m not a parent, but I hope to be someday. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and watching your family’s stories on Instagram. I hope that one day when I am a parent I will be able to parent with the same dignity and grace as you.

  3. Yes! No parent is perfect but damn if there were two people that were doing it right from my point of view it would you and your husband. Loving your child in their true being is the purest form of love. I truly applaud your approach to parenting. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope more parents follow suit.

  4. I love that you allow your children to be exactly who they are. The world needs more parents that teach kids that it is our differences that make us wonderful and unique. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Boss Baby with us!! ❤️

  5. I think your boy is amazing… And I commend and applaud you and your husband and his brothers and sister for letting him, be HIM!. Forget about anyone who says anything different (for the record, the F word at the beginning of this sentence has been edited from a different word beginning with the same letter).

    He is a beautiful boy being raised by a mom and dad whom I admire and respect. I look forward to each and every Boss Baby video that appears on my Facebook wall. Brody is inspiring and wonderful to watch… and I am crossing my fingers that all goes wonderfully well this Friday!!!

    You can say, “dance like no one is watching”, but trust me Brody…we are ALL watching and cheering you on!!!

  6. I love the way you as a parent support your child , let them wear what makes them happy, if they like dresses. who cares. And let him dance his life away , the world is more happy because of him , I see all your love for all your children. God bless you .🥰😍🤗

  7. My husband was a ballet dancer well at least he tried to do that. To be good you have to be like Baryshnikov. I bet your son will be an awesome dancer when he gets older cuz I can see his form and everything that he does he puts his soul into. Keep going baby Brody you’re awesome.


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