The Pros and Cons of Child Modeling

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The Pros and Cons of Child Modeling

The opportunities and lessons my kids have had from child modeling have been some of the greatest in their lives. But much like any industry, modeling has its many pros and cons to it. I personally believe that the pros severely outweigh the cons here, with exciting experiences around every corner. It’s been so inspiring to see how the advantages of child modeling have helped shape my kids in terms of their confidence, work ethic and kindness. And honestly, even the tougher aspects have been so important in their development, as well. I always try to be as honest as possible, which is why I’m sharing the pros and cons of child modeling—and why even the downside to modeling has still been a blessing.

“Take care of yourself, be healthy, and always believe you can be successful in anything you truly want.”— Alessandra Ambrosio

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Count All the Pros

The world of child modeling has been so rewarding to our family. With exciting opportunities and endless valuable lessons to be learned, the industry has helped shape my kids into the responsible, hard-working humans they are today (I’d like to think Bobby and I helped in that, too, but who knows). Here are a few of the many pros we’ve found with child modeling.

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Improves Self-Esteem

I think the greatest takeaway I’ve seen with my kids is how modeling has made their self-esteem skyrocket. My babes are naturally outgoing kids, but being in this industry has given them an extra boost of confidence that is simply priceless. From landing auditions to working with big-name brands, their successes are all their own and that has meant everything to them (and me, as I cheer, or sometimes cry, on the sideline).

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Encourages a Strong Work Ethic

Hard-workers required! I’m sure it’s known by now that I’m a no-nonsense mama who grew up with a tough skin. I learned early on that nothing would be handed to me in life and I’d have to work hard to get the things I wanted. I’ve passed on that same lesson to my kids and it’s been so inspiring to see them develop a strong, responsible work ethic. Most don’t get the opportunity to develop a good work ethic at such a young age, so let’s encourage them when we can.

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Build a Career in an Exciting Industry

Let’s face it—modeling is cool! Way cooler than what I was doing at my kids’ ages. The opportunities are endless in this industry, and your kids will be exposed to some really exciting prospects at such an early age. Who knows all that they’ll have accomplished by the time they’re 18!

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But There Are a Few Cons

While there are always going to be some downsides to every career, I truly believe the pros outweigh the negatives with child modeling. But I’m all for transparency, so here are some things to be aware of before getting into the industry.

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Strong Emphasis on Outward Appearance

Though looks aren’t enough to succeed in the industry, your kid’s looks are a big part of the selection process from getting an agent to landing a gig. As they grow older and their looks change, they may feel self-conscious or low in self-esteem regarding their looks. Fostering an open, safe space for communication is such a must for me and my kids, that way I stay in-the-know on how their feeling.

“If you believe in yourself and feel confident in yourself, you can do anything. I really believe that.”— Karlie Kloss

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Dealing With Rejection

I believe rejection is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean it won’t sting! It’s especially hard for me to see my kids feeling defeated after a bad audition or rejection. But I’ve learned some useful tips to lift their spirits and help them learn the lessons we have to experience in life.

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Busy Schedules

When your child pursues modeling, it’s essentially another job. While I think there are so many benefits to this (see: work ethic), I also know that it can be a lot of pressure and lead to a busy schedule. Now throw in school and things can get crazy! I think it’s important for us as parents to realize there can be an ebb and flow to these things, if school is getting busy, pull back on modeling gigs until things lighten up so that you don’t overwork your kids. Remember, it’s all about your kids having fun and learning as they go!

“A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too. I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness.” — Miranda Kerr

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2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Child Modeling”

  1. Yes to all of these! I know Mia has gained self confidence through her modeling experiences. Being much taller than everyone at an early age is hard on one’s self esteem, which is why I got her into modeling in the first place.

  2. Hi! I’ve read a few of your posts on child modeling. I was wondering, if offered to sign with an agency, should you accept? Or is it something you should compare and contrast offers? I mean, like college applications and job hunting? Should you just play it safe and accept, as long as you have vetted the agency?


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