Boss Baby Brody

It’s true what they say, “The world is his stage.” From an early age, our family knew Boss Baby Brody wasn’t your typical little boy—music and dancing were embedded in his soul. Plain and simple, he was a force to be reckoned with and we knew in our hearts we needed to nurture his desire to perform.

When Brody hears music the world stops, and his begins. The viral sensation also known as “Baby Fossee” is just beginning. After his international success earlier this year, we decided to share all the things that Boss Baby Brody loves from his favorite dancing shoes to his must-hear tunes. We hope you enjoy everything about Boss Baby Brody!

As Featured In

Access Hollywood
Rolling Stone
Oprah Magazine
Good Morning America
MTV News
Just Jared
Ariana Huffington
Radio City Rockettes
Maria Shriver
ABC News Radio
Dance Network
Vents Magazine
Leslie Jones
Michael Snipe Jr
Perez Hilton

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