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Parenting is the first job that truly is the epitome of 24/7. Moms need a break, one where they can hear relatable stories, ones that make you realize you’re not alone… and possibly ones that make you say, “She Did WHAT…?” Because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s helpful to know you’re not doing things all that wrong!

Every week Danielle and her new co-host Dr. Flossy (AKA her husband) deep dive into stories, interviews and inspirational words from some of the most influential women and names in the business. Hear all the truths about motherhood and family, from parenting basics from mom and dad to celebrity anecdotes. Never shying away from tough topics, deep dive into horror stories about mom killers, how to navigate making more than your husband and why spouses cheat. Bobby and Danielle tell it all.



How is it that the kids' activities have taken over our lives? Learn some solutions for sanity during all this chaos. Natashia Blach, actress on The Vampire Diaries and American Idol contestant, joins us again!

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Do you ever feel like you’re doing it all wrong? Or that you just can’t keep up with the Pinterest-perfect bento lunches? Danielle and Nikki talk the truth of #momfails and how it’s more important that your children see the real you. Catherine Belknap from Cat & Nat Joins us in studio.

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With four children ranging from toddler to tweens, Danielle Lucia Schaffer is a boisterous, blonde Italian 'mombshell' hailing from New York City, and tells it like it is. Proud wife to her opposite, a Navy vet and uber-chill dentist from the South, this city girl turned San Diego mom captures the juggle and struggle of mommyhood through the lens of her Canon 5D. With a passion for broadcasting and a knack for home design, she recently flipped her home office into a podcast studio to dish out all the parenting dirt during brand new episodes of The Mom Confidential.

Cultivator of kindness, weekend warrior and red carpet wanderer, Danielle guides her tribe through an action-packed, fun-seeking scavenger hunt they call life, discovering both new and tried-and-true family experiences and trending must haves at every turn. Get ready for a wild ride, because the family we all wish to call friends invites you on their journey as they learn and share all of life’s most valuable lessons.

Glad this podcast is getting the airtime it deserves! ✨Such a blast giving my two cents. Can't wait to hear more/new segments.

Natashia Blach

Great advices from this podcast. How different moms have their ways of handling kids, interesting.


So glad I found this... loving these “real” chats! Can’t wait for more great job girls! Love a fan from LA!


Love these honest moms! Funny, witty, and real!!


Danielle brings so many fun walks of mom into her show! It’s my new favorite!

mini elmore

Real Moms covering it all! Super impressed ladies..❤️❤️❤️❤️ Everyone must listen to this, it’s a must listen podcast. Brilliant! Five stars.

Jorge Cruise

Love listening to these gals say it like it is when it comes to parenting. I’m a momma of three and I can relate in so many ways to their funny stories. It’s no joke this parenting thing and it’s great to laugh about it.


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