Uncovering The Real World Of Dance

Uncovering The Real World Of Dance

It’s no news that I have two left feet. My kids on the other hand? I don’t know where they got their grace and talent from, but I’m sure glad they found it. On today’s show, I talk with Dance Mom, Melissa Gisoni, and choreographer and director, Kristin McQuaid, on the truth about the dance world and how a nobody like me has been thrown into it full throttle. Trust me, this one is not to be missed!

The Breakdown of a Dance Mom

We’ve all heard them, the horror stories of dance moms going crazy competitive with other moms over their kids. As someone new to the dance world, it’s something I knew I wanted to avoid entirely. Melissa and Kristin breakdown what it means to be a dance mom and the best tips on how to support your child during their dance career. A hot tip? It’s about them. Keep it that way! So long as your kids are still loving it, then they should keep on doing it. Keep the drama out of their experience.

How to Support Your Dancer

If done right, dance can be something that launches a career for your child. How best can you support them along the journey? It was important to me to get Brody in the right classes when he started dancing and showing interest in dance at such a young age. We talk about how Kristin got started and the important tools to keep your dancer happy and healthy on their journey.

Embrace the Community

Despite what the reality shows will tell you, the dance community is an open and loving one. Even with the natural competitiveness with the industry, we’ve received nothing but love and open arms from everyone. Hear how we’ve adjusted to this newfound family and all the ways we’re keeping in contact. One thing I’ve learned? Everyone really does know everyone.


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