Unmasking a Poet, Atticus

Unmasking a Poet, Atticus

Today on the show we talk with New York Times bestselling author and beloved Instagram poet, Atticus. You’ve read his words, but you’ve never seen his face. Atticus keeps his identity anonymous, his face hidden, wearing a mask during his public appearances. Instead of putting a face to a name, he lets his tender-felt words take the spotlight. More than just an Instagram page, Atticus is a storyteller at heart, whose daily poems on all of life’s most significant and insignificant moments have impacted people from all over the world.

Write What You See

Atticus’ words have inspired us all, allowing his readers to imagine themselves and draw their own meanings within his words. Listen as we share and swap our favorite poems and try to crack the code as to where Atticus finds his inspiration—more importantly, from who! The humble poet opens up about how the best muses come from your own life and personal relationships. Write down what you see and, when you have the magic touch as he does, beauty follows.

Being Anonymous

Starting out, Atticus felt shy about the vulnerability of his work. With society’s tough standards on what men are supposed to be, going anonymous felt like the only safe way to express himself. As his popularity grew, remaining anonymous became a gentle reminder to not conform to the pressures of fame and let the work speak for itself. Without recognition, he’s free to experience life as he chooses, not having to worry about the obvious biases that would come into play if he were recognized for his work. It’s become a symbol to him to stay humble and stay honest.

A Safe Place for Everyone

It’s safe to say life has been a little rough this year. We asked Atticus what his take was with the state of the world and how we can look to art to guide us through these troubled times. The poet discusses how important it is for him to create a safe place for everyone on his Instagram. With a zero-tolerance policy, he puts a lot of energy into ensuring his community feels safe and comfortable to express themselves authentically and support each other for who they are. It’s a thoughtful reminder of the goodness of the human spirit and how words can connect us all.


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