School Can’t Come Soon Enough…Or Can It?

School Can’t Come Soon Enough…Or Can It?

So if you know me, you’d agree that I truly need a second brain. With all the craziness in my life, I can’t keep up with the things like grocery lists, product returns, back-to-school shopping—any of that. It’s just so overwhelming with a family of six, so luckily, I found a solution. With Alexa on the Amazon app, it feels like I have that second brain to remember the things I need to get done quickly. Try it out for yourself today. Thank you, Amazon Alexa, for sponsoring this podcast.

Back-To-School Update

In the latest episode, Dani Schaffer and Jenn Morris talk about the school year starting and Christmas already on the shelves at Target. With Brody A.K.A Boss Baby Brody’s career taking off, it’s his world, and we are just living in it. In this episode, the girls shed light on the scary truths around kids going back to school and fentanyl-laced in everything. Sharing all the resources in this tell-all episode on teens, school, and BrodyOH MY!

Big Changes This Year

As moms, how do we handle the influx of everything coming at us at once? With the kids just going back to school and stores already filled with fall and Christmas decor, it feels non-stop, one thing right after another. As busy moms, it’s important to tackle one challenge at a time, and right now, the kids are back in school, so that’s taking all of our energy! With two kids in high school, Jackson learning to drive this year, and Brody homeschooling half the time, it’s going to be a busy year!

Keeping Your Kids Safe

And how do we keep our kids, especially our teens, safe? While discussing her school years and all the mischief she got into as a teen, Danielle remembers her brother and talks about how she communicates with her children about the dangers of fentanyl and drug use. Over the years, partnering with and Reverse the Silence have helped her not only connect with her kids but allowed her to share her story with other mothers. Hear the whole story and more in this can’t-miss episode of The Mom Confidential!


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