As a mom of four talented, determined, and creative children, sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. My kids are probably some of the most passionate people I’ve ever known—kids or adults. And I believe that every single one of us has passion and purpose—something that makes us truly happy. For me, it’s being a mama to my four babes!

But as they get older and start to try to find their purpose in life, it’s so important to me that they know that it’s about the journey rather than the destination. Being an adult is about finding yourself through trial and error, changing your path, and trying new things. I’ve been a teacher, an entrepreneur, a journalist, a lamp designer (yes, really), and so much more—and all of them make me a part of who I am and lead me to where I am today.

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Focusing On My Family

This is why I’ve once again partnered with Together we focus on responsible parenting and the importance of a lifetime of conversations to build trust and confidence in our kids. And Bobby and I are big advocates of keeping an open dialogue with our children. Over the past two years, we’ve all had to learn new ways to work and communicate within our family. For us, this meant leading by example and talking with our kids openly and honestly as much as we could. 

Right now, my two oldest, both teenagers, are going through a major turning point in life. They’re starting to grow into adults and discover who they are. And there are moments when I see glimpses of the successful adults they’ll become, and I’m so proud! But I don’t want them to grow up too fast! (They’re still my babies!) So in their search to find themselves, I want to make sure they take the time to discover who they are, what they’re passionate about, and know there isn’t just one answer.

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Taking Time For Yourself

There are so many different paths in life, and no one is restricted to just one. If I had stuck to only one career, I never would have started my own blog! We lead by example, and my kids know I’ve had lots of different roles in life. Being a successful adult isn’t just about finding one thing and sticking with it. It’s about learning, growing, adjusting, and pivoting as you change throughout life. And it’s so rewarding!

As my kids grow and get older, I know that they won’t always have the same passions or drives. By college, Jackson might stop playing sports and focus on his acting. Dylan may decide on a career in dance, but in high school suddenly realize a newfound passion for science. Who knows? But being open to change and discovery is what will help my littles grow into well-rounded, happy, successful adults!

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Learning and Growing Together

In her book, “Your Turn: How to Be an Adult,” writer Julie Lythcott-Haims notes that being an adult is “not about any particular checklist; it is, instead, a process, one you can get progressively better at over time―becoming more comfortable with uncertainty and gaining the knowhow to keep going. Once you begin to practice it, being an adult becomes the most complicated yet also the most abundantly rewarding and natural thing.”

As a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and more, I don’t think we ever stop growing or changing. We don’t have just one purpose, one passion, or one drive—we have many! And making sure that I talk with my kids and lead by example is the best way for them to see that there are so many careers, paths, and options in life. When they talk to us about their passions and things they love, we support them. And if they suddenly want to try to do something new, we support that too! No one has just one purpose in life, and having the ability to change, adapt, and grow with every new challenge and discovery is what makes successful adults!

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