Summer is the perfect season for exploring grill ideas and enjoying al fresco dining right in your own backyard. Can you smell that? It’s the enticing aroma of juicy Omaha Steaks sizzling along with your other favorite grilling recipes!

I love this time of year, I think it’s the only time that rivals the holidays! Hot summer nights, cold drinks, flavorful food on the grill— dining outdoors is our family’s love language.

Since this summer’s al fresco dining is taking place entirely in our backyard, we’re sharing a few of our favorite picks to bring gourmet eats right to your own grill. Happy eating!

The most common food item people grill is the good old-fashioned burger. Eighty-five percent of people say a hamburger is their favorite. Steaks come in second place, followed by hotdogs then chicken.

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What is the meaning of al fresco dining?

“Al fresco” is an Italian phrase that translates to “in the fresh air.” Essentially, it’s just a fancy way of describing outdoor dining. Whether you’re having a backyard barbecue or enjoying a meal on a patio, it’s all al fresco dining. It’s not about making a big production; it’s simply about appreciating the beauty of warm weather and nature while sharing delicious food with great company.

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Backyard Grill Like a Pro with Omaha Steaks

Looking for some fresh backyard grill ideas to spice up your summer cookouts? When it comes to summer grilling, only the best will do and on our hunt for the best of the best, we always turn to Omaha Steaks.

What is special about Omaha Steaks?

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Independence Day, or a meal for our weekly outdoor movie night, Omaha Steaks has quality meat and seafood perfect for every occasion this summer. Juicy, flavorful, and high-quality—it’s the only place we buy from when we’re ready to get grilling.

I won’t lie, most times I toss the tongs to Bobby when it comes to the grill. But even when it’s my turn to take the reins, grilling with Omaha Steaks is so easy, it makes everyone feel like a pro. Burgers, ribs, kabobs—whatever is on the menu, you’ll find it in their expansive inventory of quality meats and seafood.

On there, you can select different ounces/sizes of cuts, quantity, and even purchase assortments. Each patty is individually sealed, making it so simple to go from freezer to grill to your plate. When you have a family as big as mine, time is everything and I’m constantly impressed by how quickly we can whip up a gourmet grilled meal and sides for the whole family. And when I say we, I mean Bobby.

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The most common side dishes that are served at BBQs include corn, potatoes, and grilled vegetables.

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grilled shrimp
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Grilled Meat-Lovers Unite

Explore their hand-crafted steak blends for cuts that are perfectly tender and mouthwateringly flavorful. When we’re grilling in the backyard, I usually go for steakhouse selections when we’re celebrating a special occasion and keep a variety of their freezer fillers to spruce up our weeknight meals.

Moms on the go—these are a must! Looking to really impress? I suggest the new Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignon. Upgrade your filet mignon game with these selections, which are expertly trimmed and aged for 21 days for maximum tenderness (just like all Omaha Steaks). Pair with fresh veggies and mashed potatoes and you’re good to go!

During grilling, different types of wood are used to impart flavors into the food. The most common types are oak, apple, pecan, cherry, guava, kiawe, maple, hickory, and mesquite.

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Seafood Must-Haves for Backyard Grilling

Elevate your al fresco dining with seafood. I love it but sometimes it can be a little tricky pleasing all six hungry mouths in the house. When it’s just me and Bobby, we’ll go in on lobster any day. But with the kids in tow, shrimp is a great choice that keeps everyone happy.

We most often reach for the Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp, but if you’ve got picky eaters, a little coconut sweetness never hurts. Shrimp was made for grilling! Throw them on a kebab for easy eating and season with your favorite flavors. Whatever you do, don’t forget to squeeze some lemon on at the end. Trust me.

Salmon is another happy medium between adults and kids. Its mild yet flavorful taste makes it a versatile option that satisfies the discerning palates of grown-ups while remaining approachable and enjoyable for younger eaters. Grill filets to perfection or throw them on skewers like the shrimp!

Fire up the grill and try out these mouthwatering backyard grill ideas this weekend!

Dessert Ideas for Backyard Grilling

Life’s no fun without a little sweetness so we can’t gorget about dessert! Set s’mores on the grill. Alternatively, Omaha Steaks has an impressive selection of sweet treats.

From mini chocolate mousse cups to creme brûlée, pick the treat that speaks to your soul. Heck, try them all! Live your truth.

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Where should a grill be placed in the backyard?

It’s best to place your grill at least 10 feet away from trees, shrubbery, buildings, and outdoor furniture. Keeping a good distance between the grill and other objects prevents accidental fires and other damage.

Is it OK to grill under a patio?

Grilling under a patio is feasible, but safety precautions are necessary. Adequate ventilation prevents the buildup of smoke and harmful gases, while ensuring there are no flammable materials nearby is crucial. Maintain at least 60 inches of clearance between the grill and any overhead structures. Regular grill inspection and maintenance, coupled with having suitable fire safety equipment nearby, are vital for ensuring safety.

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