Living As An Empath With Dr. Judith Orloff

Living As An Empath With Dr. Judith Orloff

Through life, we have always been told not to be so sensitive. To “toughen up.” But what if our sensitivity is what makes us unique? If an empath is someone who trusts their gut, can detect energy vampires and who is there for their loved ones, then who says that’s bad? If you are carrying a heavy heart with the world in an uproar, this episode is for you! Dr. Judith Orloff breaks down being an empath on an episode you won’t want to miss.

The Godmother of the Empath Movement

Meet your fairy godmother in feeling all the feels—and our amazing guest on today’s show! Dr. Judith Orloff is a psychiatrist, NY Times bestselling author, intuitive healer and fellow empath! Her specialty lies in working with highly sensitive people in her private practice, offering support and guidance in living a fulfilled and balanced life as an empath. In short? She’s my new best friend, whether she knows it or not.

Identifying an Empath

Dr. Orloff gets right to the point—yes, you can be extroverted and still be an empath! Traits like needing to recover alone after social events, carrying the weight of others stresses, and more are right along the lines of living as an empath. Remember your parents telling you to not be so sensitive? To toughen up? Those sensitive qualities are exactly what makes an empath. Danielle and Bobby compare notes and their answers to Dr. Orloff’s self-assessment quiz.

How to Support the Empath in Your Life

It’s a beautiful thing to be an empath and to know one! But self-care is key. When an empath is overwhelmed, Dr. Orloff says solitude is the key to reset and recover. You can still be a compassionate person with boundaries. Dr. Orloff talks about how you can set those boundaries and when to step away from the overwhelming world of social media. (Hint: it’s more often than you want). Being an empath is a gift, but taking care of yourself and empaths around you is the greatest gift of all.


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