Keeping It Real With The Schaffers

Keeping It Real With The Schaffers
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Quarantine Update

Having Bobby home has been a dream. But now he’s back to work and suddenly everything is in chaos. When the whole family was home and Bobby was leading the way, we managed to maintain a clean, happy house. But now that he’s back at work I’m realizing how much he kept me motivated and organized. I’m trying to figure out how to juggle four kids, three dogs and still try to get dinner on the table on time. It isn’t easy but we’re making it work!

Making the Most of Quarantine

So during this podcast, we’re asking the big questions⁠—is it harder working for me or going back to work in the office? Sure I’m a tough boss, but we had a blast with our content, social media and daily TikToks. Dancing every day and making so many memories with the kids was at the top of our quarantine must-do list! I’ll be totally honest, I also had a personal goal of being able to do the splits by the end of the quarantine, but quit about two weeks into it. Bobby planned on learning Italian, learning to cook, doing arts and crafts⁠—but he’s not speaking Italian yet! We’re blaming our crazy homeschooling schedule.

Together Since 2001

I can’t believe it, Bobby and I have been together for 19 years and married for 17! And I’m still head over heels for him! So, of course, we had to quiz each other on all our favorite things and take a quick trip down memory lane. Do you want to know how I got Bobby to propose? It involved a trip to Jersey and Joe Montana. Hear the whole story in this episode of The Mom Confidential!


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