The Quarantine Chronicles: Dad’s Here Edition

The Quarantine Chronicles: Dad’s Here Edition

We’re still following stay-at-home orders here in California, so the one and only Bobby, AKA Dr. Flossy, is back on the pod to continue our Quarantine Chronicles. Look, we don’t know what day it is anymore and I put on the same sweatpants every night—but we’re doing the best we can! Today on the show we get down to the dirt: what kind of quarantine person are you? Listen in to find out!

How Are We Feeling?

Mood check-in! If anything good comes out of this quarantine, it’s how creative I’ve been. Seriously, I’ve found my mojo again! Everyone I love the most is right here in the house and I’m bursting with creative ideas to make content for you all. TikTok, Instagram lives, dance sessions—you name it and I’ve made the whole family participate. Even Bobby! We’re just still working out the payment method… And speaking of Bobby, being forced to stay at home has him (drumroll please) apologizing to me for never understanding why I couldn’t get work done. Juggling four kids? It ain’t a breeze. If you listen to any part of this episode, let it be that moment.

Find Your Quarantine Personality

Are you a sweatpants and TV all day quarantinee? Or a schedule-every-minute quarantinee? My girlfriend called the other day and fed her kids lunch at six p.m. I love my friends. If it weren’t for the kids, all bets would’ve been off. But have you ever let your four-year-old stay up past their bedtime? No bueno. Structure is key in our fam. We talk about how we’re keeping everyone busy and occupied so that we avoid the “mom, I’m bored” moans and we remember what day it is (Monday, in case you need to know). Are we doing this in comfy leggings and athleisure wear? 100 percent. We’re not perfect!

The Quarantine 15 (and other revelations)

It’s real, folks. The Freshman 15 ain’t got nothing on the Quarantine 15. I don’t know what happened to me, but I’ve become an eating machine. I can’t stop. Anything the kids don’t eat, I inhale on my way to the sink. Bobby is having a meltdown over the one-inch “roll” of loose skin that the dogs love to point out. We’re doing our best. We also share who else we’d like to quarantine with (living or dead) and well, we have our Hall Passes picked out and ready to go.


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