Boss Baby Brody Dances Live On Instagram

mom and son boss baby brody dance

Boss Baby Brody Dances Live On Instagram

In a time when we’re all staying home and feeling chaotic, this is when we should take a deep breath, take the day off and dance! In our house, we love to dance! It makes us happy, gets us moving and it’s something we can do together as a family.

Recently, we had the opportunity to star in an alternative take of Niall Horan’s “No Judgement” music video. And wow did we have a blast! Boss Baby Brody was in his element, grooving and shaking, and playing dress-up with his big sister, Dylan! It was an amazing experience and celebrated the inclusion, love and support that our family stands for!

With so much love for Boss Baby Brody, we’ve decided that while we’re on lockdown, we’ll be doing a live dance party every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 10 a.m. on the Boss Baby Brody Instagram. Stay tuned as hours may change. Please join us each morning and comment below to request your favorite song!


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