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From Diapers to Dancing: Carter’s is With You From the Start

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Having four little ones makes for quite a busy life! Throw in two dogs and hectic schedules and everyone is always on the move. I’ll admit that I was a little worried when my youngest was born. How would he fit into this routine, much less squeeze in a nap along the way? I shouldn’t have worried. Brody was an absolute joy from the beginning, and the other three love to help out and keep him entertained. He’s growing into his own personality and it’s amazing to see the little nuances peek through. He isn’t intimidated by his older siblings, rather he joins right in, integrating himself into the mix of crazy and chaos, making his voice heard and his dance moves seen.

That’s right. Brody absolutely loves dancing! He is such a little character, moving and shaking and acting out his favorite scenes. He follows his big sis around the house as she stretches and practices the moves she learned in her latest dance class. Roman and Jackson often join in too, making for an impromptu dance party as we prepare for dinner or get ready for bath time. Music is constantly playing in our house, and Brody was grooving to the beat far before he even started walking. Brody’s constant movement means that he needs clothing that moves with him too. I have loved Carter’s for over a decade now, starting when my oldest was an infant. Their onesies and blankets were the softest material ever. Carter’s clothing stands up to the test of time and they are fun, functional, and breathable. Their new spring 2018 line has a bit of a nautical theme and the colors remind me of New England and Martha’s Vineyard with the teal, peach, and navy palette.

Carter’s With You From the Start is with you through every one of your child’s milestones, from rolling over to sitting, walking to running. Even the milestones that the doctors don’t log, like the first time he has a sleepover or he shares his favorite toy with a friend. Milestones are a time for celebration and acknowledging your children’s successes—no matter how big or small. Brody was a little late to walking, but we were never concerned. He constantly was on the move and anxious to keep up with his siblings; it was just faster for him to crawl than to try to walk! Now he’s on the run and even faster, letting his legs carry him across the field, through the park, or dancing across the kitchen floor.

On a daily basis, I’m proud of my children and the way they are growing up to be independent, kind, unique individuals. Every second it’s a joy to see and celebrate life through their eyes, watch them make decisions and progress on this journey of life. If there’s one thing that stands clear and golden in my memories of raising my four, it’s the thousands of hours clocked in imaginary play—wearing Carter’s of course.



  1. You’re little Brody is quite the little cutie! I love his hair and hopes he never wants to cut it short! And you are gorgeous – you both have beautiful smiles.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Awe Thanks so so much means so much to me xoxo

  2. Your doing such a great mothering all 4!! Keeping them all in style Carters inspired!

  3. Your doing such a great job mothering all 4!! Keeping them in style Carters inspired!

  4. What a cutie! Carters is one ofthe most trusted names in baby, kids, and toddler clothing.

  5. You’re right. Having a toddler ir child will truly make your life so busy. But the joy he will give is beyond all the treasures of the world.

  6. You’re right. Having a toddler or child will truly make your life so busy. But the joy he will give is beyond all the treasures of the world. Ps love the photos

  7. I love the raincoat and boots. They are as adorable as the little one wearing them.

  8. He looks like such a happy child. Love his cute outfits and your photographs with him 🙂

  9. Carters is such the best clothing company for kids. They have a great offer. Anyways, your son is so adorable.

  10. Carters looks a very good brand for kids…you are blessed, hairstyle of your little boy.

  11. Geex your littlr Brodie is a potential hearthrob, he is adorable. And the camera seems loving him as well.

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