Discover the enchanting adventures of “Surprise & Seek” on Amazon Kids. Every episode invites kids and families into a world of imagination, learning, and laughter.

I am bubbling over with excitement to share some insider details about the newest addition to the Amazon Kids lineup – “Surprise & Seek” featuring the absolutely adorable Boss Baby Brody!

As a mom, I had the amazing privilege of witnessing the magic behind the scenes of this fun show. Let me tell you, the filming process was a total whirlwind of fun. Seeing our little ones dive into their characters’ roles and bring them to life with such enthusiasm was pure magic!

surprise and seek cast standing together

The Heart of the Show

The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

Imagine the ultimate game of Hide and Seek, where every twist and turn unveils a new surprise and adventure! Join Boss Baby Brody and friends in “Surprise & Seek” as they take on this thrilling journey. Watch as they go through various vibrant and unique lands, from lush forests to prehistoric jungles!

2 kids together in costumes

Dodging Slimy Surprises

But here’s the catch – they’re not just dodging each other. They’re also dodging slimy surprises hidden in the most unexpected places! Whether it’s slime-covered trees, rocky crevices, or scary dinosaurs, the adventurers must stay on their toes.

An Exciting and Unpredictable Adventure

With every twist and turn, “Surprise & Seek” keeps kids on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the next delightful surprise just around the corner! It’s full of excitement, laughter, and thrills as our kids chase each other through magical lands.

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A Lesson in Resilience and Creativity

Beyond the thrilling escapades and lovable characters, “Surprise & Seek” also teaches its young audience valuable lessons. As the characters face challenges and celebrate victories, kids pick up on resilience, creativity, problem-solving, and, most importantly, the importance of tackling fears head-on. It’s a nudge that no matter how tough the journey looks, with grit and imagination, anything’s possible!

the cast standing together being silly

Endless Possibilities

“Surprise & Seek” really grabs the younger crowd with its fast-paced, colorful adventures! Each new land holds endless possibilities, whether it’s uncovering treasure in an azure ocean or wandering through an enchanted forest. This game sparks imagination and curiosity in a big way.

It’s a world where every hideout opens doors to new adventures. Every seeker’s quest teaches the values of persistence and teamwork! Kids discover a world full of wonders, waiting to be explored with an open heart and a daring spirit.

Boss Baby Brody and the moms

The Fun Behind the Scenes

I have to give a shoutout to the amazing journey that brought “Surprise & Seek” to life! Our little stars had a blast behind the scenes. Meanwhile us moms formed bonds that’ll last a lifetime.

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Whether you’re looking for adventure or want to spark joy, “Surprise & Seek” is the perfect choice. Tune in on Amazon Kids and get ready to be swept away.

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Join in on the Fun!

I know you’re eager to jump into the excitement! “Surprise & Seek” is ready for streaming exclusively on Amazon Kids, so you can easily catch all the laughter and heartwarming moments whenever you crave them. Round up the whole crew, snack up, and let’s dive into this one-of-a-kind adventure! Let’s make it a memorable time together.

We’re really hoping you’ll jump in and support this amazing show. Let’s all unite and make “Surprise & Seek” a special part of our family’s entertainment lineup!

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Watch now on Fire, iOS, & Android devices with your Amazon Kids+ Subscription. To learn more and try 1-month free (terms apply), visit HERE

Here’s to many more joy-filled moments and heartwarming memories shared with Boss Baby Brody and the entire “Surprise & Seek” crew!

kids standing together

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