Never in my wildest dreams did I think something this awesome would happen, but here we are: Boss Baby Brody was featured at the Academy Awards! We’ve officially made it, you guys. Did you see him? He was on there for a (very) brief moment during the Bruno performance, but sure enough, our little Brody was on the big screen at the Oscars! Holy cow. Beyond blessed and proud of our tiny dancer.

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Long Shot

A while back I received a request to use a video of him dancing and signed a release not knowing what would come of it. As someone with a background in broadcast journalism, I know how these sorts of things are totally up in the air. Things can be thrown together or scrapped up until the last minute. Unfortunately, that’s just the industry.

So I signed the release not putting much into it, other than thinking how cool it would be to see our Brody featured at the Oscars. But that was that. I signed it and sent it back out into the ether without knowing or hearing either way what would come of it. 

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Watch Party

Of course, we’re an Oscars’ family. Always have been! We love making a big bowl of popcorn and watching the whole thing—from judging the red carpet outfits to making our guesses for which film will take Best Picture. The thought of seeing our little man up there on the screen, in front of so many iconic actors, was so insane! It was truly exciting just to know he could even be considered. Sure enough, by the time the Bruno performance came around, we saw the videos fill the screen and, for a very quick moment, we saw our Boss! We went wild! Instant goosebumps.

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Proud Mama

Seeing him bust a move and be featured on such a legendary night—I’m still wrapping my mind around it. I’m just so insanely proud of him and in awe of his talent. Beyond that, we’re still so touched and a little bewildered over just how many people know and love him, too. I think we can safely say the world is that much brighter with Brody in it.

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