We can always learn from our mistakes. As often as we celebrate our big wins and successes, we should be giving thanks to our failures too. They’re what make us stronger! It’s a lesson Bobby and I try to instill in all of our kids. From losing lacrosse games to going to finals, falling on stage to winning the gold—all of their endeavors and passions include the highs and lows. For Boss Baby Brody (well, really all my kids), I’ve been amazed at how willing he is to just keep moving forward. It’s something we can all learn and apply to our own lives.

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Putting in the Work

When did we all get so hung up on being perfect?! It plagues us! One thing that stands out to me about Brody is his willingness to fail so he can get better. Dance practice is his canvas to try new things, to get things wrong, to fall, to mess up. As with all of my kids, Brody has this fire of persistence—to put in the hard work for what he’s passionate about.

This means long days in the dance studio, dancing wherever he goes, and continuing to practice a move until he gets it right. It’s messy, it’s frustrating, but he’s so happy to put in the work to get where he wants to be.

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Changing Our Perspective

What if we didn’t view our failures as setbacks? Instead, what if our mess-ups help push us forward? When Brody falls on stage or gets a move wrong, he always gets right back up and keeps going. Instead of it moving him backward, he’s almost propelled forward, more encouraged to continue on even better than before! Failure and success both help you learn and grow! The sooner we flip the switch on our perspective and narrative, the sooner we see our goals in reach.

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Celebrating the Journey

When I look at Brody dance, I’m reminded of the simple joy of being oneself. He’s pursuing his passion not to win all the medals or dance with all the top names, but because he loves it. He loves dance and all of the good and bad that come with it. Following your heart isn’t about crossing the finish line but learning to embrace the journey. The failures make room for an even sweeter success and success leads us down the next path to pursue. For Brody, it’s about dancing openly, honestly, and bringing joy to everyone around him. 

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