I’m always in awe of my kids, but when I see them in their element it’s on a whole other level. Recently Bobby and I divided and conquered with a jam-packed schedule. He took the older boys to lacrosse tournaments, I packed my tiny dancers in the car and headed to Nuovo Dance Convention for a full weekend of classes and performances. And wow! What a weekend. I just have to brag on my dancers for a moment because I was so inspired by the talent, dedication, and passion my children put into their dance.

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Always Working Hard

Whether it’s a big performance or a technique class, both Dylan and Brody have that same fire to always perform at the top of their game. I’m assuming this comes from the fact that they just genuinely love dance, but it’s so impressive to see. Dylan took a bunch of different types of classes throughout the weekend and that spark inside her was just so palpable. I can’t even fathom being able to move like that! The way she feels the music is just beyond words.

And after a number of setbacks last year, she’s really come into her own and developed a confidence with dance that is truly magical to watch. It would’ve been so easy for her to throw in the towel, but all of those challenges she’s faced seem to only have motivated her more. She’s always wanting to learn more, to try new moves, to get a routine down—even if it means practicing over and over again in the hotel room! 

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Performing for Themselves

When my children take the stage, they light up! Boss Baby Brody performed this weekend with Penny, his fabulous dancing partner. The duo got to show off new skills and make Danny and Sandy proud in a Grease-inspired routine. They won first overall Nubie! I was ecstatic—more so from seeing their reactions. They were so thrilled.

Obviously, there are pros and cons when it comes to competing, but I’ve found that it really helps the kids work hard. Plus they feel that full-circle moment with their passions. It’s an opportunity to test themselves, learn, and develop even further as a dancer. Plus, Brody loves it. When he steps out onto that stage, he becomes the best version of himself. It sounds weird, but it seems like he really feels at home up there. What inspires me, seeing him up there, is how he gives it his all. It’s 100 percent Brody and he’s doing it 100 percent for himself.

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One Proud Mom

I get a little emotional thinking about it, but I’m just so proud of Brody and Dylan. Seeing them succeed in something they love and are so passionate about is so humbling to witness as their mother. What inspires me most about my kids is that they’re always moving forward, always wanting to continue to grow and learn. My children are amazing⁠—to be able to find what they care about, go after it, develop a talent for it, and continue to want to get better takes such dedication and maturity.

I’m really just in awe and fully mindblown by my kids. All of our children have an inner passion, a talent that can take them places, they just need to discover it. And the fact that we as parents get to help them find it and pursue it? Parenting rocks!

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