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When it comes to parenting, we are all in this together.  I wouldn’t know where to begin without my mom tribe of friends.  It takes a village to get through life with four kids, especially with no family near by.  I am not talking about the village that stands back pointing fingers when things go wrong, I am talking about the village that picks you up when you fall.  You could be certain I rely on a helping hand by those closest to me.

That’s exactly what the TODAY Parenting Team is all about.  It’s a community of parents where moms and dads are sharing their best stories.  From trophy parents to parent fails, the TODAY Parenting Team covers it all.  We all have stories worth sharing and we can all learn from each other, that’s why I contributed a story about Dating My Husband and The Skinny on Having a Baby in your 40’s .  65,000 readers later, and I find myself completely anxious to contribute another.

While at my first blog conference, MOM 2.0,  I met the TODAY parenting team and I was asked to talk about these two prompts on the fly.  I am not a TV personality by any means, but I felt I had to give it a go considering this was for a part of The TODAY Show.  When would I ever get a chance like this again?  So, I went for it, nervous as could be, but just went for it. (see video below)

In the end, all we can do as parents is help each other, tell our stories, give advice, don’t point fingers and do what works for your family.  Thank you so much for following our journey from being a couple in NYC, to having four beautiful kids now residing in Southern California.   It’s you my audience who also inspires me!  Thank you for that!  Comment below, I would love to hear from you.



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4 thoughts on “Parenting, We are all in this together!”

  1. Thank you for all your amazing and insightful blogs. You are helping so many of us with your experiences and your words. Can’t wait to read your next blog. 🙂


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