My Child Has Gone Viral, Now What?

My Child Has Gone Viral, Now What?

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When Your Kid Makes It Big

It’s been a little nuts at Danielle’s house as of late and that may have something to do with the fact that her youngest child, Boss Baby Brody, went viral with his dance video! One typical morning of Brody dancing to the Nutcracker took over the world in a matter of days with millions of views. Danielle talks about what that was like and how their family has been dealing with all of this extra attention. Wondering how her other kids are managing? Danielle gets honest about what it’s like to have one child soar (or go viral) when all of them are working just as hard in their passions. And what comes next for Brody? You’ll just have to stay tuned!

Our Job As Parents

The women discuss our role as parents. Their opinion is that the best thing we can do as parents is to foster a safe space for our children to be themselves. The greatest gift for Danielle and Bobby is seeing the true joy in their children. Especially when they are able to do what they love. Danielle shares a little bit about the hate she’s been getting online for allowing Brody to wear dresses. While it made her second-guess her parenting skills for a moment, she talks about how she got past the hate.

Letting Our Kids Shine

Some boys play with trucks and want to play sports. And some want to put on an Elsa wig and dance down aisle five. We all have our true passion in life—who’s to say we can’t pursue it? The ladies share their own thoughts on raising their kids to be expressive, creative and kind human beings. We all have our true passion in life. Never feel like a bad parent for letting your child express themselves, even if it doesn’t look like someone else’s “normal.”


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