Takeaways from Grief Counseling

Takeaways from Grief Counseling

Do we ever really “get over” a death? I don’t think we do. On today’s show, Jenn and I dive deep into my experience with grief over the death of my baby brother and what life without him looks like for me. For starters, I joined a grief counseling group. While I can’t say I’ve totally bought into the kumbaya of it all, I will say that I’ve learned some insanely valuable tools in coping with the everyday ups and downs that come with losing a loved one. Friends, this one is a doozy, but I’m so glad you’re tuning in.

The Shock of It All

I feel like my life has been on pause ever since I lost my brother just over a year ago. Anyone who has experienced a loss knows the tragic, shocking pain that follows. Jenn and I share our firsthand experiences and get real about the reality of grieving. In short? It ain’t pretty. Sometimes you’re going to have to will yourself out of bed. On those days, call in back-up.

Find a Support System

I’ve never been the type of person to share my pain with others. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me, but I’ve always had the thought of “keep it to yourself.” But this was beyond anything else I had ever experienced. I knew it was time to find some help. For me, help came from a weekly grief counseling group. By sharing our experiences, learning more about the grief process and practicing meditation, I saw how beneficial these meetings were. Now am I totally a meditative guru? Well, not quite—this New Yorker is still struggling to get zen.

Moving Forward

I’m not one to refute science, so I’m willing to give meditation another try. But the moment you see me walking around saging my house with amethysts in my pocket, send in backup! Truthfully, I can’t tell you how helpful this counseling has been for me, and if anything it’s given me a new perspective on ways to heal, grieve and deal with loss. It’s not for everyone. Heck, it may not even be for me! But I’m going to inhale and exhale my way to zen anyway. Who’s with me? 


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