The Heart Of Hollywood, Joey Travolta Releases Ground Breaking Film, “Carol of The Bells”

The Heart Of Hollywood, Joey Travolta Releases Ground Breaking Film, “Carol of The Bells”

On today’s show, Melissa and I had the total privilege and honor of sitting down and chatting with Hollywood legend Joey Travolta. Like he was in my recording studio in my HOUSE! It was nuts. Mr. Travolta got open and honest about his time in Hollywood, what his childhood was like, and why the making of his latest film “Carol of the Bells” was so important to him. This is one you won’t want to miss!

The Heart of Hollywood

It’s easy to think that the entertainment industry has lost its moral compass these days. But Joey Travolta is one person who has made it his mission to rediscover the heart of Hollywood. Thanks to his many years as a special education educator and as an actor, producer and director, Travolta talks about how he found a way to bridge the gap and create a safe space for those who are neurodiverse to express themselves creatively within the film industry.

A Project Worthy of Recognition

Joey Travolta discusses how his studio, Inclusion Films, came to be. In addition to its many workshops and lectures, the studio travels around the country to offer film camps for children and teens with autism. The production teams trained by Inclusion Films are then available to hire within the industry. On “Carol of the Bells,” 70 percent of the production crew was made up of neurodiverse people. Travolta says that every person on set matters. From the assistants to the makeup crew, everyone’s voice is important, valued and meant to be heard.

Where to Watch

At its best, filmmaking is an opportunity to artistically express yourself. You can share the important stories of people around the world. With Travolta’s expansive work in film and special education, his latest project “Carol of the Bells” blends those two ideals together to create a place for those who are neurodiverse to express themselves creatively. It’s no easy feat, but the reward is so sweet. Be sure to catch Inclusion Films screenings at this year’s San Diego International Film Festival.


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