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There’s no doubt in my mind that I incessantly worried about EVERYTHING during the first year of my firstborn’s life. Admittedly, the onset of hypochondria began in utero, when I felt strange movements in my belly. Very fastidious in my ability to conduct research (and act on it – as only a brand new mother would), ‘Dr. Google’ convinced us that these hiccups were a red flag for some crazy scenario that ultimately landed us in the ER. Lesson learned.

Little did I know, there would be many more aha moments to come. Fast forward to Schaffer baby #2, #3 and #4 (aka my little army of children), the uneasiness of parenting infants and toddlers eventually subsided. I think most seasoned parents can agree that we were ALL a little over-the-top with our firstborn children. There is one thing, however, that I was right on about from the start. And that’s my loyalty and ‘luv’ for Luvs over the past 11 years.

Four Fun Parenting Paradigm Shifts from My First to My Last

The Pregnancy

My Firstborn – You’d better believe that every single week during trimesters 1, 2 and 3, we took belly pictures. It was right around the time when 4D scanning came into play, giving a bird’s eye glimpse at the baby’s features. We were so thrilled, we created several videos for our close family members. Being the overly proud parents-to-be were were, we sent an email of the images to 100+ people who, looking back, probably could care less. Oh, and I also started a baby book the moment I got a positive pregnancy test. A definite mommy blogger in the making.

My last – He’s two. I swear, I’m going to start his baby book one of these days. Plan B: I’ll direct him to Likely, he’ll find some old photos and stories there.

The Nursery

My Firstborn – I had the picture perfect nursery sketched in my head. Right out of a magazine, it was. And a bit more elaborate than I could handle on my own, so I hired an arsenal of contractors to install trim, hang handmade sconces and whimsical pieces of art. Prince Jackson was on his way, and his throne had better reflect a palette worthy of royalty. And let’s not forget the baby supplies. I quite possibly had more than any store out there. When it came to diapers, we were equipped with every size available. Seriously, up to age three! Perhaps they were baby shower gifts. Or, perhaps mom was afraid he’d grow overnight.

My Lastborn – What nursery? Baby Brody had a crib in the master bedroom, and I’m impressed that I actually remembered to buy new sheets before his due date.


My Firstborn – From day one, I started a nap time routine with Jackson. Babies progress to two naps a day, so you can bet I was home during those hours and my prince was sleeping in the comforts of his crib. And to think I would do such a thing as miss a nap? Never!

Girlfriend: “Danielle, can you meet for coffee?”
Me: “No, its Jackson’s nap time.”
Mom Friend: “Hi, can Jackson come over for a playdate?”
Me: “No he’s napping.”
Doctor’s Office: “Confirming your annual physical, on Friday at 10am.”
Me: “Oh sorry, I’ll have to reschedule,  Jackson naps during that time.”

Nobody messed with Jackson’s nap.

My Last – Poor guy probably confuses his car seat with his crib. Because the Schaffer Six is always on the go, Brody’s had to learn to sleep just about anywhere. From counting sheep on the Lacrosse field to sawing logs at the ballet studio, Brody’s been there, done that. Trying so hard to keep up with his older siblings can be exhausting, so as soon as he slows down, it’s a snoozefest no matter where we are. The upside? He naps hard, and it requires no pre-naptime soothing whatsoever.

City Girl Gone Mom Diaper Brand Of Choice LUVS

The Hair Cut

My Firstborn – That trip to the hair salon for Jackson’s first haircut was quite the milestone. Looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t hire a camera crew to capture it for the 5 o’clock news. Of course this was not as fun for Jackson as it was for mommy and her camera. At first, he was afraid, giving the stranger with the sharp scissors the stink eye. After a minor meltdown and a few tears, he eventually relaxed and let me relish in the monumental occasion.

My Last – Haircut, schmaircut. Who’s got time for that?! With curls too sweet to cut surpassing his nose in length, Brody rocks a mini man bun on the daily using his sister’s hair ties. My former Navy officer and well-groomed husband isn’t thrilled with our little hipster’s look, but I think it suits him well. One of the youngest fellas to sport a top knot, he’s setting out to prove that babies do buns better. And while mom no longer makes a big deal about that first haircut, she’s actually clenching her fists at the thought of those gorgeous curls disappearing. Truth be told, not sure if his hair will ever see a pair of scissors!

Check out the video below with my brand partner, Luvs. They’re spot on with comparing baby’s first haircut to the second!

City Girl Gone Mom Parenting Four Kids With LUVS Diapers City Girl Gone Mom uses LUVS Diapers

When I think about all the ridiculous things I did the first time around, I can’t help but shake my head and laugh. Who actually thought neurotically filling in feeding charts would be helpful anyway? It may have taken me until my fourth child to realize I am actually #winning at motherhood, even if the baby doesn’t bathe for two days.

For over a decade now, I’ve rocked a baby on my hip, and can proudly say that we’ve been committed to Luvs every step of the way. They understand that all the aha moments and lessons learned come at a different pace for every mom, just like milestones do with our babies. In the grand spectrum of parenting, the scale can tip from helicopter hovering to lackadaisical loving, and when I saw the Luvs commercials, I couldn’t relate more!

Luvs would like to give one CGGM reader a 3 month supply of their diapers. That’s a HUGE savings friends… enter below! Here’s how:

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This Post Is Sponsored With My Brand Partner, Luvs. Thank You For Sponsoring CityGirlGoneMom! As Always, All Opinions Are My Own!





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22 thoughts on “Parenting Multiples: From Over-The-Top Tactics To Aha Moments”

  1. This is such a real post Danielle – Just How I like it! I have 4 bio and 2 heart kiddies and I promise I took things by ear more and more with each kids. Plans went out the window and my instincts took over.

  2. This was fun to read and I’m not even a parent yet. Aaaah the fun and not so fun times of being a parent but it is all worth in the end right?

  3. Oh the things a person learns from one kid to the next! With my first born I was so nervous and careful. My youngest is definitely more well traveled and sleeps through most anything as well! Live and learn ?

  4. I can only imagine what life is like with twins. They are precious though ❤️ I certainly understand the second child issue.


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