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Effortless Style At Westfield UTC


City Girl Gone mom For No Rest For Bridget

This Post Is In Partnership with Westfield UTC For No Rest For Bridget, A New Addition Within Westfield. As Always, All Opinions Are My Own. Thank You For Supporting CityGirlGoneMom!

San Diego boasts some of the hippest beach towns in the country and proudly carries a coastal vibe of its own. And most residents sport an outdoor lifestyle because San Diego wins with its perfect temperatures. As a New York City girl who still loves her seasons, and of course her seasonal shopping, it should come as no surprise that I take pleasure in spending time at one of my favorite outdoor malls. Westfield UTC takes pride in its design that brings nature to the forefront of your shopping experience.

With its beautifully landscaped gardens punctuated by a plethora of stylish new boutiques, it’s no wonder it’s everyone’s go-to for shopping, dining and reinventing. No Rest For Bridget is a leading fashion retailer that now resides at Westfield UTC. Since 2004, they have made their mark as the go-to store for women on-the-go. Carefully curated and always on-trend, No Rest For Bridget offers the latest affordable fashion, accessories, beauty, home goods and more.

What do I love the most about No Rest For Bridget? It’s hard to say, but putting outfits together that total less than $100.00 made the experience all the more fun. When I can coordinate a trending look without breaking the bank, count me in. Instead of feeling dejected by designer prices, No Rest For Bridget caters to the opposite. It has shoppers filling their bags with plenty of cute, comfy and affordable items we can all feel good about. If I had to pick one thing, their chunky sweater game is totally on point. And guess what? I win this time, because I don’t feel bad selecting more than one to tide me over during the San Diego spring season, which seems to hover in the 60’s until late summer.

Located off the new wing of Westfield UTC, you can find No Rest For Bridget. They currently have locations in Orange County, Boston and Los Angeles. Shoppers can also find the collection on their online store to get a glimpse at what’s trending in the world of everyday outfits for work and play. While I appreciate an effortless online shopping experience, for a store that’s new to me, I prefer bricks and mortar. Had I not visited the store, I wouldn’t have known about their selection of home goods and beauty products! Plus, a friendly and welcoming staff always makes for a nice afternoon out.

Getting older is not something I find easy, and as a mom in her 40’s, the only way to look at aging is through a positive lens. Yes, I said it – there’s a positive side to aging. With age, comes knowledge, power and confidence. And with decades of knowing my true self, what makes me look and feel good, the insecurities of my younger years goes out the window. And decades of fashion expertise also help! I think it’s safe to say that I know what looks good and doesn’t at this point. No Rest For Bridget’s elevated affordable fashion finds is perfect for me and for any mom that wants to show off her sense of style and stay young. (wink wink)


This Post Is In Partnership with Westfield UTC For No Rest For Bridget, A New Addition Within Westfield. As Always, All Opinions Are My Own. Thank You For Supporting CityGirlGoneMom!


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