If you have been with me for a while, you know, I love to decorate. I love to go way out for every season and holiday. When it comes to the Christmas season, there is no stopping me. From the front door to the bedrooms, the small details can make all the difference. This is my holiday home tour, with ideas from this year and years past.

woman and son with dogs
woman kissing son

Holiday Tour

Each year, I like to add new pieces as well as using some of the favorites from years past. It creates a sense of a Christmas tour as guests walk through the house. There are simple and fun ways to update your Christmas decor each year. From adding live greenery, to decorating the Christmas tree like a pro, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a festive and cozy holiday home.

table with greenery
through an archway with a chair

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the tree is a beloved holiday tradition for many, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a festive and personalized tree. Some people prefer a classic red and green color scheme, while others like to mix in metallics or opt for a themed tree. No matter your style, there are a few tips to keep in mind when decorating your tree:

Christmas tree
Christmas tree with a fire place
  • Start with lights: Before adding any ornaments or decorations, start by stringing lights on the tree. This will provide a base for the rest of the decor and add a warm glow to the room.
  • Add garlands and ribbons: Garlands and ribbons can add texture and depth to your tree. You can use traditional evergreen garlands or opt for something more unique, like a beaded garland or ribbon with a bold pattern.
  • Mix and match ornaments: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes, shapes, and colors of ornaments on your tree. This will add visual interest and create a more personalized look.
  • Special Gift: Even if you do not like to store all of your Christmas presents under the tree, try adding a few gifts. This brings in the finishing touches for the Christmas time of year. 
upclose of tree
Christmas tree up close

Ways to Incorporate Decorations in Your Home

Decorating the house for the holidays is so much more than just decorating the Christmas tree. There are many other areas to add a touch of elegant decor to bring in the holidays. A lot of these decorations can be done in a single day. Go at your own pace so that you enjoy the process. No on the the holiday home tour.

Keeping It Simple

While it can be tempting to go all out with holiday decorations, I have learned that sometimes less is more. Instead of cluttering every surface and corner of my home, I focus on a few key areas and keep the rest simple. This not only saves time and effort but also prevents overwhelming guests with too many distractions.

dog on a Christmas mat
Christmas place mat

Welcoming Guests with the Entryway

The first thing guests see when they arrive at our holiday home is the front porch. I like to make sure it’s inviting and sets the tone for what’s inside. A beautiful wreath on the door, some festive lights and garlands, and a cozy doormat can instantly make your entryway feel warm and welcoming.

wreath decor
woman and kid holding wreath
woman and kid by front door with wreath

Once inside, I like to have a table or console decorated with holiday-themed items such as candles, small Christmas trees, or a bowl of ornaments. This adds to the festive atmosphere and immediately puts guests in the holiday spirit.

boy sitting in side table
unique christmas decorations
console table with christmas decor

Transforming the Living Room

The living room is where we spend most of our time during the holidays, so I like to make sure it’s extra cozy and full of Christmas cheer. This means adding plenty of throw pillows and blankets in festive colors, as well as decorating the mantel with garlands, lights, and stockings. I also like to incorporate some holiday-themed artwork or decorative items on the walls and shelves.

living room with pillows
chair with blanket

To make the room feel even more festive, I love to add scented candles in seasonal scents like cinnamon, pine, and cranberry. They not only add a warm glow but also fill the room with a comforting aroma.

wooden plate with greenery
sticks with lights
candles with christmas decor tree with lights

Styling a simple vase for Christmas can add a huge impact to a room. This simple decor piece, which you probably already have on hand, can transform into a dynamic and dazzling statement piece on any entry table, mantle or shelf in your home. I like to fill a clear vase with colorful ornaments, pinecones, or candy canes for an easy and simple holiday centerpiece.

beautiful red berries in a vase
berries in a vase
vase with a christmas tree

Decorating the Fireplace

No holiday home tour is complete without the fireplace. The fireplace serves as a focal point for many homes during the festive season. The fireplace is one of the easiest places to decorate. To enhance its warm, cozy appeal, one idea is to adorn the hearth with a lush, green garland sprinkled with fairy lights.

fireplace mantle with stockings
christmas stockings

I also like to incorporate natural elements into my holiday decor, such as using pinecones, branches, or fresh greenery when decorating the mantle. Not only does this add a touch of simplicity and elegance in its own unique way, but it also brings a sense of the outdoors inside during the winter months.

gold cones as trees
greenery hanging off the fire place
beads in a vase

Consider adding a beautiful holiday-themed fire screen for an extra layer of charm. Don’t forget to hang the stockings, a staple in any holiday decor. They not only serve a practical function for those who maintain the gift-giving tradition but also add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to the scene.

christmas stockings
christmas mantle decor

Finally, a beautifully decorated mantel can be the perfect backdrop for family photos, creating lasting memories of the holiday season.

dog sitting at the fireplace

Festive Dining Room

Next up in the holiday home tour has to be the dining room. The dining table is where many families and friends gather to share a delicious holiday meal. Decorating the table can elevate the dining experience and add to the festive ambiance.

reindeer on silverware
reindeer on silverware

Start with a beautiful tablecloth or runner in seasonal colors like red, green, or gold. Add some sparkle with metallic chargers, dinnerware, or cutlery. Place a holiday-themed centerpiece, such as a floral arrangement or candles, in the middle of the table.

reindeer with candles

Personalize each place setting with name cards or small gifts for guests to take home as a reminder of the special occasion. You can also add some festive napkins and/or napkin rings to tie everything together.

christmas table decor plate napkins reindeer

I love to change it up each year. Sometimes I’ll go for a more rustic look with natural elements like pinecones and berries, while other years I’ll opt for a more glamorous look with glitter and sequins. Whatever your style, have fun with it and make it your own!

christmas wood decor
christmas table decorations
christmas table decorating

Spreading Holiday Cheer Throughout

In addition to decorating specific rooms, I also like to spread holiday cheer throughout my home by incorporating small touches in unexpected places. This could be hanging a wreath on the front door, adding festive kitchen towels, or placing small potted plants in holiday-themed containers.

I also love to display Christmas cards and family photos around the house, finding just the perfect spot. It is the a simple way to add a personal touch and remind us of the loved ones we are celebrating with. And of course, no holiday decor is complete without a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!


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