The Perfect Tree

Like most Americans, one of our favorite things to do with our family is pick out our Christmas tree the...

Little Italy Festa

Like Little Italy in New York City, Every October Little Italy in San Diego opens its streets to visitors from...

Firehouse Museum

Being raised in New York City, you better believe my Italian family frequented Little Italy quite often. The music, the...

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San Diego is known for its miles and miles of beaches and 70-degree weather. Essentially, there is plenty to do with not a cloud in San Diego’s sky. The city is also known for its diverse neighborhoods and abundant cultural attractions. San Diegans have an easygoing attitude that makes visitors feel right at home.

That being said, raising kids here has been an exceptional experience. Bobby and I just love the great outdoors and our beloved city doesn’t fall short with outdoor adventures for us and the kids.

There’s a reason it’s called America’s Finest City.

Living in San Diego is a whole different experience from living in NYC. There are so many wonderful outdoor activities to do as a family. Sometimes, I am in awe that this is my backyard.

San Diego has wonderful culture and restaurants. There are plenty of little eateries like one of my favorite lunch spots, Ranch 45. It is a true gem.