Where to Find the Best Auditions for Your Child

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Where to Find the Best Auditions for Your Child

Oh, the world of child acting and modeling—is there any step that isn’t difficult?! Before we even talk about landing the audition, I thought I’d share my insight into where to find auditions for your child. I swear, when I first started out it seemed like everyone was in on something I wasn’t. How did everyone seem to find these amazing audition opportunities for their kids? Most often, if you’re working with an agent they’ll be the ones doing the heavy-lifting finding those opportunities for you. But in the beginning, before you have an agent, it takes a lot of hustle to make this thing happen! And if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s hustlin’! To be in this industry, you have to have that strength to rally and really push to get your kid the auditions they deserve.

Thanks in large part to the never-ending world of social media, there are so many incredible sites and platforms to use on your hunt for an audition for your child. In fact, that’s how I found my kids their first roles on the set of the hit Nicholas Sparks film “Safe Haven.” Just from coming across the listing on Facebook! You truly never know where one audition will take you. That special audition could be out there waiting for your kid right now! Below are some great sites to check out to stay in the loop on the latest auditions for child modeling, acting and more.

Read How to Become a Teen Actor for more helpful tips.

“If you’re an actor, even a successful one, you’re still waiting for the phone to ring.” —Kevin Bacon

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Backstage is a huge site dedicated to posting the latest and greatest for casting calls all across the US. You can narrow your search depending on location and what kind of work you and your child are looking for. Modeling, acting, singing, theater, dance—they cover it all. Often, they’ll post new opportunities from Disney, Nickelodeon and more!

Kids Casting

Kids Casting offers opportunities based on your location, which is ideal if you don’t have the availability to get to a larger city. They post auditions and casting calls from a number of big names, including NBC, Amazon and Target. Some are paid and some are non-paid, so find the opportunities that make sense for your kid’s skill and experience level.

In the medieval world, society believed it was disgraceful for women to go and perform on a stage. Male actors often played the role of female characters on stage. It was during the English Restoration of 1660, when women first started participating in onstage performances.

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child actors filming

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Auditionsfinder is another great one with a wide variety of work opportunities. Production companies, studios and even non-profits add listings here. Plus they add specific details on who exactly they’re looking for so that you can prepare your kid ahead of time.

Project Casting

Project Casting focuses on casting posts located in major US cities, including LA, New York, Chicago and New Orleans. They mainly focus on TV and movie opportunities, but also have others if that’s not your main focus. It’s worth setting reminders to see what’s new!


Now Facebook can be hard to weed through and it’s important to do some research to make sure the listings aren’t a scam, but Facebook can be an incredible resource to find listings. Search for casting call or audition groups based in your city. Often, these groups will be private and you’ll have to ask permission to join by submitting experience, skills and more. But from there, it’s a great place to find some cool auditions on the fly! Remember, this is how I landed my kids’ first movie gig!

The term thespian originated from the Greek performer, Thespis, who revolutionized the art of acting. He is widely credited as the first performer to act as a character in a play or production. His first performance occurred sometime in 534 B.C. on the famous Theatre Dionysus.

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