Give Boss Baby Brody a new accessory and say no more—our little dancer will pull together a killer outfit in minutes. Have you ever seen a seven-year-old with style this good? Even I’m jealous! My kids love accessorizing even more than their clothes sometimes! But no matter what they wear, I love how much passion they have for expressing themselves through color, patterns, and more. And Brody’s favorite eyewear? Thalia Optics from Ray-Ban Junior

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Our New Favorite Accessory

Who says eyewear has to be boring? Not us and not Ray-Ban! Thalia Optics Kids are the latest pair that Brody’s been really loving. They’re such a great addition to his closet and they come in five different colors to choose from! Even more of a win, they’re equipped with blue light blockers to protect his eyes during screen time. Stylish for the kids and practical for the parents—the perfect combination.

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Minor Touches, Major Statement

Whether you have a prescription or just like the look, glasses are a small accessory that can truly make a statement. So why not lean into it! I love how versatile these glasses are with the different color options. You can choose something neutral or a pop of color if your kids like to show off their personality as ours do.

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Must-Have Style

Ray-Ban is such a staple in our house—for eyeglasses and shades—and the Thalia Optics are no exception. This is such a great brand for that high-quality, stylish look that is always timeless. Freedom of expression is always celebrated in this house and it’s always celebrated at Ray-Ban—let your kids express themselves through their eyewear and be sure to tag us in the fun!

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