I really think we’re all just trying to live a full, authentic life. One full of grand adventure, self-love, happiness. It’s not so much to ask for. And I think it’s a lot easier to achieve than we think. When I look at Brody, I see someone who’s been able to use his passions to fuel a fulfilled life. Whether it’s in class or on stage, dancing is his greatest form of self-expression — of his true self. 

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Expressing Emotions Through Passions

Sometimes words fail us. When they do, look to what fuels your heart. Look to art! I firmly believe art, and its many multifaceted forms can truly change the world. When we are able to discover what we’re passionate about and pursue it, we’re better able to understand ourselves. Brody found himself when he found dance. It was a natural outlet to process his emotions, express his feelings, and fully embrace his larger-than-life personality.

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Finding Stability Through Movement

Dance is such an incredible sport. Not only is it physical, but it also takes so much mental and emotional strength. But the benefits soar. When I see Brody dance, I see someone who feels connected to himself, his fellow dancers, and anyone he’s performing for. It’s a grounding experience. Taking something he loves and turning it into a hobby, and even a career, requires a level of discipline that’s astounding for his age. Of course, there are mistakes too. He’s a kid. But there’s also a serious desire to learn, practice, and continue to grow through every challenge.

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Sharing Your Gifts With Others

The greatest gifts of all are the ones that we can share. Seeing Brody’s joy while dancing is only compared to the joy felt by all of you watching him dance. Whether we’re out in public, at a dance competition, or following us online, Brody has created a welcoming, fun, and loving community. There are dancers, dance teachers, dance admirers, and people with two left feet—you name it! The power of dance is unmatched, and it’s so special to see Brody tap into that form of self-expression. To feel its magic and share it with all of us.

I’m so impressed with our little man, and I’m so happy you’re all here along this journey with us. I hope Brody continues to inspire you to search for what fuels your heart, to go after it wholeheartedly, and share the joy it brings you with others.

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