Brody has always been a true individual. Whether it’s dancing, running around in princess dresses, or even handpicking the most fabulous accessories to complement his outfit, our mini star has always been uniquely himself—no questions asked! That’s why it felt so right to have Brody partner with Ray-Ban on their new kid’s line of sunglasses. Our six-year-old, modeling for Ray-Ban? Doesn’t get any cooler than that!

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City Style

The moment we pulled out the Wayfarer Juniors, Brody fell in love. Classic and cool, these sunnies are stylish staples that will truly go with anything. Brody styled the rest of his outfit based on the sunglasses, going for a more city-chic look with combat boots, pants, and a little blazer over his t-shirt—so cute. We also played around with a sweet vest and hat to complete the whole outfit.

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Coastal Cool

For the Mini Leonard, things called for a bit more coastal fun! Brody posed in some breezy summer wear to match the sunglasses’ playful style. The frames are a cute pink color that really captures Brody’s joyful personality and true to all Ray-Bans, are top-tier quality. 

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Find Your Style

This was such a fun partnership with our favorite sunglasses brand. It’s really so awesome to see all of the unique opportunities Brody gets just by being himself! It really goes to show you that being kind, loving, and authentically you is always the right choice.

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