How to Fit a Workout Into Your Busy Schedulewoman boxing

How to Fit a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

Getting up in the gym and working on your fitness isn’t as glamorous as Fergie makes it seem. It’s only the middle of February and most of us, myself included, have forgotten all about those healthy New Year’s Resolutions. Hey, life gets in the way! Some (okay, most) days you find yourself realizing you haven’t had a chance to eat and it’s already 3 p.m.! And when you do catch a small moment of free time, who wouldn’t rather sit on the couch with a much-deserved drink in hand?

Fitting a good workout routine into your already jam-packed schedule, letting alone finding the time to prep a healthy meal, can seem as hard as working out itself, but it’s not! With a little help from cute gym clothes, an accountability partner and more, you’ll be able to hit the gym, cross off your to-do list and look good while doing it!

Do at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity, spread across the entire week, to improve your cardiovascular health.

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Do These Yoga Pants Make My Butt Look Good?

Don’t underestimate the power of a cute workout outfit. If it makes you feel kick-ass, you’re going to kick ass at the gym! Whether you’re into CrossFit, Pilates, running or spin, a good pair of yoga pants, sneakers and top plays a part in how you feel when you exercise. Layout your fitness clothes and gear the night before to make you excited about how good you’ll look when you exercise and make it harder for you to avoid it in the morning!

Try dividing your exercise into two or three mini-segments of 10 to 15 minutes per day — you will still experience benefits.

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Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’ve put the gym on the back burner, it’s time to light a little fire under your butt! Get started by adding exercise back into your daily routine. There are several ways to hold yourself accountable: sign up for classes that have penalties if you don’t show up, join a community, workout with a friend or snap that #gymselfie and post it to your Instagram story. To maximize your workout time, find a place where you’ll get an all-body workout. Many gyms open early or are open 24/7. Then find a gym partner, a couple friends or trainer who will hold you accountable, know your goals and help you reach them! It’s easy to track calories, set goals and work hard when you and your buddies are working toward your goals together!

Regular physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, can help prevent and manage Type 2 Diabetes.

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Make the Most of Your (Would Be) Commute

Working and living in California doesn’t happen without a commute. But who says you have to crawl along the interstate every time? Make traffic time your gym time! Wear gym clothes when dropping your kids off at school then head to the gym right after, or pack your gear and get your sweat on after work while you wait for traffic to die down.

People who are physically active for approximately seven hours a week are 40 percent less likely of dying early than people who are only active for less than 30 minutes a week.

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Don’t Go From 0 to 100 (At Least Not Right Away)

Stay realistic! You shouldn’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations. You can’t expect to go from never working out to sweating at the gym every day of the week. Set small goals, stay strong and get going! Start off with a Peloton session every weekend or take a yoga class twice a week. Soon, you’ll be the person who works out so much that people will ask, “How do you have time for that?!”



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