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We are celebrating a new book release from the creator of Goodnight Moon thanks to my sponsor HarperCollins! As always all opinion are my own!  Thank you for supporting CityGirlGoneMom!

A successful bedtime routine involves more than just getting my babies to sleep; it’s the core of our family time, filled with love, nurturing and lots of snuggles. I have always considered bedtime to be a happy and peaceful time for our family, and can confidently say that instilling a consistent bedtime structure has resulted in our kids prospering throughout their day.

Setting the Tone: Bedtime Playlist + Books

Aside from goodnight snuggles and kisses, bedtime at the Schaffer house is all about books. But before we start bedtime stories, Mom puts on her go-to bedtime playlist. From soothing classical pieces to Jack Johnson lullabies, the tone changes in an instant, creating a relaxing headspace for the whole family to wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep. But first, our favorite bedtime stories! There isn’t a night that goes by without getting a great children’s book in.

When I found out a never-before-published picture book by Margaret Wise Brown was being released, my inner child (and adult self) was thrilled. Like most children, I grew up reading Goodnight Moon, and to see another release 30+ years later by this New York Times best selling author was incredible. I was ecstatic to be able to share this with my children. Good Day, Good Night, another literary win for Brown, showcases her ability once again to convey a child’s perspective of the world. This never before seen illustration could very well become another Brown classic, continuing on her successes in children’s literature.Baby reading bookGood day, Good night

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Sibling Story Time

My children love each other dearly! No matter what their occasional squabbles are about, at the end of the day, their hearts are full, as we wind down and get ready for bed. Mothering four children can be a challenge, but seeing the older ones taking care of their younger siblings makes my heart full. It’s fun being on the sidelines watching them practice patience and nurturing as they relish in their roles of big brother & big sister. Having them read heartfelt stories like Good Day, Good Night to the younger ones enables them to escape their day to day with purpose, laughter and love.

The illustrations in Good Day, Good Night are so pure, and full of awe and wonderment for the little ones. With each turn of a page, Loren Long, author and illustrator, makes Brown’s sincere and charming tale come to life. Like Brown’s previous classics, her soothing words are harmoniously in sync with Longs lulling illustrations. Readers take comfort in the reassuring words of the little bunny and delight at the attention to detail and hidden surprises on every page. Hint, hint (and fun activity alert) – My kids loved looking for the little mouse!

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Gold day, Good night Kids reading

Bedtime stories

Baby in the night sky Good day, Good night

Night time books Good Day, Good Night Activities

In celebration of Good Day, Good Night coming to life, the folks over at Harper Collins created an activity booklet for your little ones. As a former school teacher, there is nothing I appreciate more than activities and lesson plans that help reinforce the book’s message. The story time activities are a great way to teach your child to be present and in tune with the sweet world around them. Check out those activities HERE, and watch the trailer for a fun sneak preview! 

As we wake up each day, despite the hurried scramble to get up and out the door on time, I want my children to be well rested. Equipping the kids with the right amount of sleep and healthy routines has become a priority in our parenting style. As a mom, I am making it my business to ensure they are adequately rested. Reading heartfelt stories like Good Day, Good Night not only entertains, but equally supports our favorite daily ritual so they can thrive and happily engage throughout each new day.


I am so happy to add that Harper Collins is giving one lucky CGGM reader the following:

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  • Good Day, Good Night– themed event kit
  • Branded bunny rattle provided by KidsPreferred.

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We are celebrating a new book release from the creator of Goodnight Moon thanks to my sponsor HarperCollins! As always all opinion are my own!  Thank you for supporting CityGirlGoneMom!





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