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Girl Power… Health! Mind! Body!

When my kids transferred schools this past year I always worried about my little girl.  Would she make friends?  Would the girls be sweet?  Will they include or even accept her as the new girl?  All of my fears went out the door when they invited her to a class get together before the school year.  The moms were beyond warm and welcoming and the apples didn’t fall far from the trees.  They were little sweet hearts and instantly played like they were all friends for years.  But how does a mom raise a powerful, confident girl?  How do we make sure our girls are grow up with a sisterhood of friends?

A powerful girl learns to take action, make positive decisions about her own life and does positive things for others.  Powerful girls have the “I can do it” attitude.  However, they do it with regards to the world around them.  They vocalize their feelings and always have a shoulder for their peers.  Powerful girls grow up feeling secure and can work through obstacles as opposed to being shut down by them.  And most importantly powerful girls never participate in “mean girl” behavior, instead they shut that down immediately.

ivivva on beach raising ivivva girls ivivva girls ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach

Here are some ways you can instill girl power with your little one!

Girl Power With Team Work

Girls who participate in team building skills are more ready to take on challenges in the future.  I used to work at HTHI (High Tech High International), where they fostered a more project based learning method.  I watched kids flourish and I also watched the school have 100% turnover for college.  The kids learned real world applications and I could honestly say it was the best school I ever worked at in my life.  What you can do right now is introduce ways that encourage team building skills.  I would suggest or encourage a brownie troop, or even join a dance or gymnastics team.  I have seen it first hand that children who participate in team building skills have an incredible sense of accomplishment.

ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach

Girl Power By Loving One Self

It’s very different today then it was when I was a kid.  We have more education out there when it comes to health.  I find this one challenging due to all of the media our kids are exposed to, but I want my daughter to know that I love her for who she is not because she’s beautiful.  Having my daughter resist the medias pervasive stereotypes is the goal.  Instead of saying don’t eat the cake its fattening, I like to tell her, her body is her vessel and you want to water and nurture your body with as much fruits and vegetables as possible.  I want her to love herself for who she is.  We also want her to make as many healthy choices as she can.  Of course she can have the cake, but after she eats her beans.  I am trying to guide her in her development from within.  I also teach her about having sweets in moderation, not everyday.  What I do encourage is a big fruit bowl for dessert.  When I first heard my daughter say the word “fat,” you can be sure I omitted it from my vocabulary.  She hears me, and I have to be conscious of that.

ivivva girls on beach ivivva clothing on beach ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach

Listen to Her

If she says her feelings are hurt, listen to her.  It might seem trivial to you, but if we don’t listen now, she won’t open up later.  It’s as simple as that.  My friend Liz always tells me she keeps an open dialogue with her kids.  I admire that.  Because I have four of them I truly have to disconnect from my virtual world to tune into my real one.  You can read about that here.  To give my kids the attention they need all cell phones must be put away.  I want to have that relationship with my daughter where she knows she can come to me with any celebration or obstacle.

Get Her Moving

Keeping an active lifestyle goes hand in hand living in sunny San Diego.  However, it should go hand in hand with sustaining any healthy lifestyle no matter where you live.  We all know how important it is to exercise everyday for both our mind and our body.  Just by spending an afternoon by the beach has our kids running and leaping into the ocean.  Its great exercise for them.  There are so many things you can do to get your little girl moving.  Just leave the house, don’t stay in.

I spoke to a dear friend of mine, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Joy Jacobs, who has touched on many of these topics.   While writing for “Beacon Street Girls,” Dr. Joy talked about her trip to Israel and how walking out of your front door led to a fitness wonderland.  She found fitness playgrounds in every neighborhood.  Sounds dreamy right?  Well it was.  She encouraged her readers to write the city asking for these types of parks that promoted exercise.  We may not have these type of outdoor facilities at our doorstep, but what we do have is simply the great outdoors.  There are so many things you can do out side to stay in shape.

Having a powerful girl who gets exercise keeps her energized.  I love to find activities we can do together.  For my daughter and I, we both love ballet, so on any given day you can be sure we are doing barre exercises together.  The world is a beautiful place, try to enjoy it and become one with it!ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach ivivva girls on beach girls running on beach dylan schaffer


Raising a little girl into a strong woman is the ultimate goal.    Making healthy choices, keeping your kids active, and being kind to your sisterhood tribe is only part of it.  Inspired by active girls and created by Lululemon, Ivivva sparks and connects a global community of brave, compassionate and adventurous girls – to get involved, support each other and impact the world around them in their own unique way.  Ivivva represents “girl power” in every way possible.  So glad I stepped into this store located at the Westfield UTC Mall.  The girls loved expressing their “girl power” dressed in the latest Ivivva fashions.  Ivivva designs athletic wear specifically to help girls perform at their best in their various activities and pursuits.  Thank you Ivivva for designing athletic wear that allows the girls to focus on their flips rather than their clothes

Ivivva would like to offer one girl with GIRL POWER a transitional backpack!  All you have to do is the following:  Follow all three of us: @citygirlgonemom, @Ivivva_utc, and @westfieldutc! Post a photo of your girl and hashtag it: #ivivvagirlpower Don’t forget to TAG A FRIEND! This contest in now closed!

Girls are wearing the following items from Ivivva:
rhythmic short: -reversible four-way stretch shorts made to move with the girls.
fly tech short sleeve tee: -technical tee features performance seamless construction with Mesh venting to help keep you cool
Stick It Headband:  –Keep your focus on your moves, not your mane in this grippy headband!  It also has a built–in gripper helps prevent the headband from moving around.

Models: Mika H, Kinley C, Kaylie K, Amelia G, Dylan S, Evie H
girls wearing ivivvaivivva headband

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  1. Thank you for such a fabulous blog today. Loved what you write about!!! I know I feel this way and I’m sure all your readers also feel so lucky to have you in our lives! 😉

  2. Having worked at high tech high international in the past, would you consider sending your kids to the one in San Marcos? I would love some insider insight as I debate where to send our little man to school when the time comes.


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