Girl Power

Health! Mind! Body! When my kids transferred schools this past year I always worried about my little girl. Would she...

I have truly embraced the incredible fun that comes along with having a daughter. Our shared love for fashion is one of  my favorite things.

We all know that girls and fashion go hand in hand and my Dylan is no exception! Whether it’s the latest trends, classic looks, or even something completely unique to express her individual style, girls want to look their best every day.

From the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night, there are countless opportunities for a girl to dress up or down depending on the day’s activities. So when it comes to shopping for girls fashion, there’s no shortage of choices!

From trendy tops and bottoms to accessories like jewelry and purses, teenage girls have an endless array of options for fashioning their own distinct look.

Whether they’re aiming for a preppy schoolgirl vibe or something more sporty and edgy, finding fashionable pieces that fit their style has never been easier.