I’m not one to beat around the bush so I’m just going to say it: I gained 20 pounds over quarantine. And it’s okay. Listen, some people are coming out of quarantine with abs and #hotgirlsummer bods, but not me! I’ve got a mom body. And I’m okay with that. After four kids, a crazy work life, and a global pandemic we’re finally coming out of, of course, I’ve gained weight. That’s life; and yes, I’m still living mine. And you know what? You should, too.

The road to self-love hasn’t always been easy. My body and I have had a love-hate relationship since I was a little girl. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Moms, and women in general, are such powerhouses. We have the power to bring life into this world! And we’re letting negative thoughts get us down?! We are not shaped wrong or flawed in any way. 

With so many women creating a space for body positivity, I wanted to speak on it, too. I am officially OVER criticizing myself for years. I hope you join me to start being kinder to ourselves and to others. It’s time we accept who we all are! Are you with me? #mombodsummer starts now.

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Come As You Are

Remember when we made it through a global pandemic? Yeah, that was hard. Those days got dark. So I popped open a few cartons of Ben & Jerry’s and ate all of the extra snacks my kids wouldn’t eat. That’s what I needed to do to feel safe and happy.

We all have our coping mechanisms and let me tell you I will never be the woman who goes for a run over eating cheese and drinking wine. I’ve learned to accept that and embrace it. Life is short—the pandemic was a tough reminder of that—and I’d rather allow myself to live freely and enjoy it. There’s no judgment here, just 20 extra pounds of self-love.

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Letting Go of Expectations

It’s no news that society puts so much pressure on women, and moms especially, to “do it all.” We have to look hot before kids, look hot while pregnant, and then “bounce back” after the baby to get our bodies “back.” Back? I don’t remember it going anywhere. I do remember it creating another life inside me, though! Four to be exact!

And I am forever grateful to look down at the rolls and lumps and scars and scratches. I was pregnant seven times and birthed four outstanding humans—there better be some proof!

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Putting Joy First

I used to be the type of person who wouldn’t want to play in the sand or the water unless I looked a certain way. Wouldn’t want to wear a swimsuit unless I had been eating well or working out all the time. I am done with that mind frame. We waste years of our lives doing this to ourselves. And for what? We’re reaching for beauty standards that no woman can ever reach—don’t let Instagram fool you into thinking otherwise.

Moving forward, I’m putting joy first. If I work out, it’s because I find joy in it. If I eat the cookies, it’s because it brings me joy. Sure, I am 20 pounds bigger, but I am feeling better and learning to be super easy on myself. I can’t explain to you how amazing it feels to accept myself without question. It’s a little like diving into the deep end—scary but so freeing. You won’t know until you’ve tried it. Ready to join me?

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1 thought on “Why You Need to Love Your Mom Body”

  1. I don’t LOVE my mom bod,but I don’t fight with it..Most of my life I was into fitness an the jazz, retirement age hit an menopause, that was it. Don’t care, everything is part of me if ya don’t like it don’t look at it. Whose really judging anyway??? Other people that don’t know me nor I them. So who matters in my life?? ME🤩


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