Christmas is just around the corner and I love playing Santa for my family. Finding the perfect presents for the kids and seeing their eyes light as they unwrap it is one of the best things about being a mom. Bobby on the other hand, is almost impossible to shop for. Why is it so hard to find men the perfect gift? So I asked him exactly what he wanted this Christmas and he gave me a list of a few things he’s coveting this holiday season. If you’re wondering what to get dad this year, check out this gift guide of Bobby’s favorite things!

phone charger

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Okay, is there anything grosser than a dirty cell phone? Especially this year, when anything and everything around us needs to be sanitized 24/7. This smartphone sanitizer makes everything clean and simple, just pop your phone in and the UV light does the rest.

Travel Amenity Kit

Even though we weren’t able to do too much traveling this year, we still love to get up and go. This season we toured four national parks, and with all that driving, I know Bobby wishes he had this travel kit with him! With a neck pillow, slippers, eye mask and earplugs all in a convenient storage pouch, it’s pretty much everything you need for a long road trip.

CBD Massage Cube

Running around with four kids can make anyone exhausted. (Trust me, I know!) This CBD-infused massage cube uses organic plant butters and oils (like cocoa, mango, aloe, and eucalyptus) to reduce pain and inflammation. With this, a quick massage can make all those aches and pains (even from stepping on Legos) disappear.

happy couple cheese board

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

Bobby and I love a good cheese and wine night. While we haven’t been able to gather with friends too often this year, this compact cheese board would be a perfect addition to our weekly living room date night. And all the tools are built into the board so there’s no way to lose them!

Face Mask Refreshing Spray

A gift guide must-have for dad this year! With a little of this refreshing mask spray with essential oils it helps make wearing a mask a little more relaxing, and it smells great. I might get enough for the whole family!

Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle

We use water bottles all the time, so a self-sanitizing water bottle that can clean 99.9 percent of bio-contaminants with a built-in UV light will make it easier to clean and easier to stay healthy. Plus, doesn’t it just look sleek?

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dad and son wireless bluetooth speaker

SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

There’s nothing this family loves more than music and dancing, but sometimes dad wants to listen to his own jams. This micro Bluetooth speaker is tiny but powerful, so he can listen to his favorites wherever he goes. Whether he wants to listen to ‘80s rock or the kids persuade him to play the Frozen soundtrack just “one more time!”

Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill

The Schaffer six are big travelers, so we love anything portable and easy that we can take on our adventures! And with all the camping that we’ve done this year (and will do next year), having a portable fire pit and grill is perfect for the whole family. 

Essential Oil Shower Steamers

As a husband and father of four, I know Bobby can get stressed. Sometimes, like mom, the only moment you have alone is in the shower. These essential oil steamers offer a little bit of self-care and calming that can help him relax and reset, even if it’s only for a little bit.

family walking outside santa claus quote

Drop Wireless Charging Pad

Trying to find the right cord you need in this house is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure I try to keep it organized, but having a wireless charging pad dad can just toss his phone on at the end of the day is just one less thing he has to worry about.

Medium Box Chain Bracelet

In case you haven’t noticed, Bobby is a pretty stylish dad. Yes, we’ve basically all been in our loungewear since March, but this chain bracelet adds just the right amount of style whether we’re sitting at home on the couch or out for date night.

Chapter Connect Dopp Kit

I have to admit, Bobby is probably more organized than I am, which is why this dopp kit is perfect for him. When we’re traveling, he can keep everything neat and tidy, without all our stuff mixing together. Plus he loves Herschel Supply Co., and they have products that will last.

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couple in front of mural meat on grill

Steelmade Flat Top Griddle

No gift guide for dad is complete without grilling accessories! Bobby loves to barbecue, so a flat top griddle makes the perfect present. He gets to channel his inner Gordon Ramsey while the kids and I get some amazing food!

Delta ID Lock Shielded L-Fold ID Wallet

Every dad needs a sleek leather wallet, but I love that this has Tumi ID Lock technology to help protect personal data encoded on cards from electronic theft. It looks great and protects his identity—you couldn’t ask for more out of a wallet.

Saeco Xelsis Espresso Maker

We need a lot (a lot) of coffee in our house. To keep up with four kids, we need a morning cup of joe and with this espresso maker we can have a delicious cup every day. Plus it makes up to 15 different types of espresso and coffee drinks—it’s like a coffeehouse on our kitchen counter.

Activ Solutions

Bobby and I used to start every morning at the gym, but now, it’s harder to get our workouts in. I love my Peloton, but I know Bobby would appreciate his own workout space. We can create the perfect home gym with Activ Solutions, but then he might have to share his new home gym with me!

Hopefully, with this gift guide, you’ll find the perfect present for dad this holiday season!

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