Calming the Chaos

Calming the Chaos

Ali Katz, author & certified meditation coach, joins us in studio. Ali shares her expertise on how we can stop yelling at our kids and eliminate anxiety. Finding the balance between taking care of ourselves and everyone else can ultimately help us sleep better and be tuned in parents. As a high-strung native New Yorker, being calm seems so foreign to me and Ali sheds light on ways we can go about our day being mindful in just one minute. An episode you won’t want to miss especially if you are trying to calm your own chaos.

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Who is Ali Katz:

Ali Katz is an author, certified meditation coach, and a mindful parenting coach, as well as a mother to four (two boys and two pups), a wife, yogi, and a runner! How does she do it all? Well, today in the studio we dive into how she manages to juggle it all and still find the balance to be present in her personal life.


Katz knows her stuff when it comes to refocusing your mind and taking charge of your life. We start the show by talking about how meditation helps you refocus your mind and settle down your nervous system. Katz explains how you only need one minute for meditation, her favorite reference is, “If you can breathe, you can meditate.” Making the space for meditation, in between making enough time to transition from doing one job to another, is some serious advice for busy parents. In her latest book, One Minute To Zen, Katz teaches us how 30 ways we can actually calm down.

Guest co-host, Natashia Blach known as an American Idol finalist and actress on the Vampire Diaries, sheds light on living in the moment by laughing and spending quality time with the kids.

Future Tripping:

Natashia chimes in on the matter of “future tripping.” Blach gives a reminder of a remembering what real truth is, and not just the facts of the day, and being present is not as reactive as it should be. That’s where the term “future tripping” comes into play. She begins to talk on the topic of how society today is so fast and there is so many distractions, and that is how our world revolves, is by distractions. Katz tells us how she believes there is a difference between planning and worrying. Planning is inevitable, we all have to plan our lives, but worrying is a more chaotic energy and that is what refers “future tripping” to.

Learning Your Life:

We dive into the topic of how we are all here with our own chaos, but that’s where the combination of our oneness balances out each other. Katz gives a metaphor on how she imagines life and how we all are beside each other growing and learning and teaching each other. Katz speaks up on how everyone has their own situation and if someone was to say or do something, that we don’t understand, it’s nothing we should take personal because each and every one of us is learning through our own struggles and our own chaos.

Trigger Plans:

Ali Katz is the expert to teaching your body and mind to destress in a stressful moment. She uses the term “trigger plan,” referring to, when you are in a stressful moment or have a reaction to something, create a trigger plan. Find three or four things that you really love, such as your dog or a hug from someone. Katz says one minute meditation should always be in a trigger plan. She mentions how different breathing exercises can help cope that stress away in the moment. Some of these different breathing techniques and tools can be found in Katz’s new book, “One Minute to Zen,” which focuses on regrouping yourself.

For more info about Ali and to see her collection of books, visit

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  1. Thanks for this. There was so much in this PC I could relate too, most importantly the importance of meditation (I call it nap-itation). Reacting is so VERY hard for this Italian NY-er who grew up with a bunch of yellers…SO HARD TO REPROGRAM. We can do it! Get that NY minute to meditation going ladies.


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