A Knight To Remember

A Knight To Remember

Sir Patrick Stewart shares his truth, something he has never shared before in this very special, all-star cast interview of  “The Kid Who Would Be King.” Roman and I had the opportunity to attend this experiential NYC premiere with 20th Century Fox. At the press conference we were able to interview Director, Joe Cornish, Louis Ashbourne Serkis who plays the main character Alex and Rhianna Dorris, the only female at the round table. With a mild obsession over film and entertainment, I was thoroughly impressed with the superb casting and underlying messages throughout the film. You won’t want to miss what Sir Patrick Stewart has to share.


In this movie, old magic meets modern world. Alex, the main character, comes upon a mythical sword, Excalibur. Alex then begins to unite forces of his friends and enemies to join the magical wizard Merlin. All together, they help save mankind and help bring awareness of bullying to a light.


During the interviews with the actors and actresses, the discussion of bullying came up. Sir Patrick Stewart, even admits to being a bully during his childhood years. He eventually became an activist to stand up against bullying, because of the wrong he realized he had caused. Among all of the talented people in that room, they all agreed on the ways to handle being bullied. They talked about how no one should suffer in silence, and if you are being bullied to alert a teacher, or parents, or your friends as soon as you can. We also talked about how the bullies themselves could be going through a tough time and that’s why they’re deflecting their pain onto someone else.


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