Making An Impact Through Film

Making An Impact Through Film

Tonya Mantooth, CEO and Artistic Director of the San Diego International Film Festival joins us in studio.  Tonya is a ten-time Regional Emmy award winner with over 60 International Telly and ADDY awards. Tonya is easily one of the most highly regarded film producers based in San Diego. Tonya is passionate about bringing extraordinary films and filmmakers from around the world to San Diego. She shares what that process looks like and how she and the festival team have grown it over to 500%. Tonya is steadfast in her belief that, in our increasingly complex and divisive world, cinematic storytelling gives us the opportunity to find common ground through our shared human experiences. I shared some of my own personal heartfelt experiences with her that you won’t want to miss!

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Tanya Mantooth & Mantooth Productions:

On our show today, we have the amazingly talented Tanya Mantooth, CEO and Artistic Director of the San Diego Film Festival, here to share about how she got into this business and how she continues to keep inspiring people everyday. Mantooth originally went to school for music and business. After finishing school, she traveled around and sang at different venues, while starting to get more into the film world. She eventually joined forces with some top production companies, and produced many commercials, product service announcements, and documentaries. Mantooth has collected some of the most prestigous awards along the way, such as multiple Emmys. Let’s fast forward, Mantooth forms her own company, Mantooth Productions, and produces countless National and Regional commercials and documentaries for ad agencies and corporations.

San Diego Film Festival:

The San Diego Film Festival is an independent film festival produced by the non-profit San Diego Film Foundation, that takes place in San Diego, California. The festival showcases a range of genres, such as documentaries, short-films, and contemporary narrative feature. Throughout the festival, Mantooth helps create these opportunities to have a panel with the talented actors/actresses, directors, producers and much more. She opens up the room to bring the community together and have those conversations on how each and every film impacted them in their own way. Following the panel discussions, the festival also hosts award banquets, retrospectives and parties during the festival.

Making An Impact Through Film

One of the many fabulous reasons Mantooth does what she does, is because of the impact films have on each generation in such a different way. Mantooth explains how she believes in creating an intimate setting for people to be able to open the discussion up about the films in the San Diego Film Festival. We talk about the younger generation and how impacted events like this is for young directors, producers, and actors. Danielle shares the experience of her oldest son who has worked on the red carpet interviewing celebrities, starred in commercials and even had a major role in a movie. She shares how events, like the SDFF, play a huge role into building confidence and teaching the younger ones how to succeed in the entertainment business. Please visit the San Diego Film Festival website for more information

About The Guest Co-Host

Melissa Cizauskas is a force of nature. She rocks the San Diego area as a dynamic and successful businessperson, a leader of woman entrepreneurs, and a tireless communicator and coach. Melissa has been featured in several publications, television programs, and has hosted her own radio program.

Melissa has received multiple owners from her real estate profession, to entrepreneur of the year in San Diego from women’s council of realtors, just sales person of the year for North American title in Silicon Valley…
Melissa’s motto is “Status quo no Bueno!” She has been married 20 years and has a 17-year-old daughter with her husband they currently reside in San Diego, and as she states ‘she aspires to inspire before she expires’! You can expect to see a lot more from Melissa, as she recently launched her dream to start a nonprofit, called “Hearts in Hand.” She is building a nursing home and convalescent care facility,  providing loving and attentive care, and alternatives for those who cannot afford to care for themselves. She also runs The Bay Club Women’s Network.

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