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Picture this: After a long day of endless mothering, wifeing and simply running the machinery of your home, you try to relax on your living room couch to take a five-minute break, only to be interrupted by kids screaming for dinner, inbox alerts, and lunches to be planned for tomorrow.

WE GET IT. We cry too.

You have everything that everyone tells you to have. A perfect partner, a 9-5 job that supports your family, a home you can call your own … but somehow you’re here … on the couch (or in my case the pantry floor) wondering how in the world you got here and wanting to do something for yourself.

Maybe you were here last month, maybe you’re here right now, or maybe you’re just about to get to this point. This is being a mom. It was in that moment (on the pantry floor) I realized I was not living my passions and was actually shying away from what I really wanted to do. Right then I decided to make the jump and launch a podcast.

Mothering is the first job that truly is the epitome of 24/7. Moms need a break, one where they can hear relatable stories, ones that make you realize you’re not alone … and possibly ones that make you say, “She Did WHAT…?” Because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s helpful to know you’re not doing things all that wrong!

After honing in on my little broadcasting self—my stint as a college radio DJ, a few years at The Howard Stern Show, and my own show on local cable—I decided after 20 years it was time to jump back in. I wanted to have a platform where parents talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny and—of course—when we all completely lose our mind. With my co-host, author Nikki Katz, by my side, we are diving into it all. If you want meditation, or some sort of live-saving miracle and inspiration, you are probably in the wrong place. But if you want an engaging, funny escape with moms that totally get it, you found it.girl drinking coffee best friendsgirls taking selfie girls drinking coffee

Life is messy, and that’s a good thing! The Mom Confidential is a podcast where women come together to say, “Hey Mama, that happened to me too … you got this.” We talk about how everything goes wrong, but ultimately we find out what makes us happy. We celebrate community with hilarious stories. It’s encouraging to see how the power of women coming together and supporting one another can make an unstoppable path to living a phenomenal life!girls laughing city girl gone mom

No matter what stage of Motherhood you’re in, our podcast is an honest one, one that uncovers all the madness of parenting. We are funny, witty and have kick ass guests ranging from famous actors to therapists to American Idol contestants. Everyone on our show is a parent and we are all a “progress in the making.” No utopia here folks. Just because our title is “Mom” or “Dad” doesn’t mean we know what the hell we are doing, especially when hiccups arise. We all want to find a balance so we can hone in on our own yellow brick road to living an unstoppable fabulous life.

So Hey Mama, sit up, straighten up and I want you to listen up—because its time for “The Mom Confidential” Shhhhh… Don’t Tell The Kids…



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15 thoughts on “Hey Mama, Listen Up!”

  1. I love the way you styled this post. I love your outfits. And yes, you’re right we all need a support network. Although I wish I could just fall out and wiggle around on the floor kicking and yelling like my kids did. lol

  2. This line right here…

    Just because our title is “Mom” or “Dad” doesn’t mean we know what the hell we are doing,

    I tell all new parents in our family this lol The bottom line is none of us were given a book and even if we were, we’re to tired to read it anyways..

    Your podcast sounds great and i will definitely be checking it out. I love when people talk real and raw.. Life is not a fairy tale…

  3. It is always great to find some free our time in between. I wish I could get that. It is not going to happen in near future. Looks like you guys had fun time. enjoy.


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