Summer is officially underway here at the Schaffer house. While we definitely have a lot of fun on the agenda, most parents are still working (we certainly are) and need some help keeping the kids busy. I’ve always been a little unsure about summer camp—I love my kids home with me and I never seemed to be able to find one that my kids loved—but that’s changed since I’ve learned about iD Tech. This amazing online summer camp makes it easy (and more importantly, FUN) for kids to learn, get ahead, and find new things they love. 

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Courses on Cool Topics

Let’s face it, no kid will be thrilled about the idea of more schooling during the summer. But it can be fun to learn and I want my kids to always be excited about learning or trying something new. One of the major things I love most about iD Tech is its wide range of courses. Jackson and Dylan chose to take an entrepreneurship class featuring exclusive content from Harvard Business Publishing Education—and they loved it!

One of the activities was a food truck simulation. The activity allowed Dylan to apply her new skills in an interactive, competitive way. She experienced some of the real-life scenarios of a future entrepreneur! Additionally, they also have classes on coding, AR/VR, and marketing—the list goes on! Whether your kids want to delve into game design with Minecraft or Roblox, learn to code with Python or Java, design YouTube videos, or start their own business—iD Tech’s online summer camp has something for everyone. 

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Camp With Credit

My kids work best with incentives. They’re more motivated to work hard when they know it’s leading somewhere. My favorite aspect about iD tech is that each course offers a completion certificate and that certificate can be used on college applications. Hello! An absolute no-brainer. As my kids are getting older and college starts approaching, I want to make sure they’re feeling as confident as possible when applying. These certificates help give them that extra boost of confidence and knowledge with whatever they decide to pursue.

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Learn on Your Terms

Our kids should be able to have access to learning anywhere, anytime. For those of you that have big plans this summer or simply don’t have time to get your kids off to another location every week, iD tech offers online academy courses. If they perform better in person, they also offer in-person summer camps which are on sale now for this summer! Check out iD Tech to learn more about how you can help your child build their portfolio for the future! Use our code DaniLovesiDTech to get:

$150 off Online Teen Academies
$125 off Summer Tech Camps
$20 off Online Private Lessons

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