Tips For Keeping Your Kids on an Easy Summer Schedule

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Tips For Keeping Your Kids on an Easy Summer Schedule

Summer is the time where I like to press the reset button, take a deep breath and enjoy time with my little ones.  I also try not to be so laid back that they lose track of any sort of structure. I do try to keep an adequate schedule that will enable them to enjoy the summer and also get enough rest, eat well, stay active and prepare them for the next grade level. Here are some of the things I will be sticking to this summer with my mini tribe:

Third graders who can’t read at their grade level are four times less likely to graduate by age 18 versus a proficient third grade reader.

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Encourage Exercise

Whether swimming, hiking, surfing, walking or running, I always encourage my kids to get outside and move. Have your kids staying active is the goal. For tips on what you could do click here.

Stay Hydrated

Your body requires hydration and when you are in the heat it requires even more. The trick is to hydrate before, during and after your kid’s activities. I found some great tips on staying cool on the CDC website. One thing you want to do as a parent is have your kids stay away from caffeinated beverages. They only dehydrate your child. Fill up a canteen with some spring water, which is the best hydration for your kids and get going!

Healthy Snacks

Trust me I know its hard to not to give in to the kids when it comes to snacks, but I can promise you I recognize that I am in charge and 100 percent of the time you can count on me packing a bag of healthy snacks for my kids. Some things I always pack are grapes, sliced apples, bananas, crackers and kid protein bars. It’s also great to have the kids join in and help you prep their healthy snacks. They get to play in the kitchen and learn what’s good for them!

The CDC recommends that children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 years do 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily.

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Keeping Structure With a Bedtime

I can’t begin to tell you how many of my friends are exhausted because summer arrives and they immediately throw their bedtime routines out the window. For us, that’s not happening. I know my kids truly thrive with a structured bedtime routine. And we parents thrive with a little downtime at night. I never really understood how people let their little ones stay up till midnight during the summer. We are sticklers with this one routine and it works for our family. Bedtime is usually around 8 p.m. during school days and in the summer at the most we let it stretch to 8:30—8:45 p.m. I have had numerous friends ask me how I do it. I simply tell them I am in charge, not my kids. We set the rules, we set the structure, and if we let them be in charge they would be up all night eating a sugar-infused diet.

For school-age kids, research has shown that adding as little as 27 minutes of extra sleep per night makes it easier for them to manage their moods and impulses so they can focus better.

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beach kidsSummertime Reading

I think this one is something we all need to follow. As parents, we need to have our littles reading all summer long. If we don’t, them by the time they hit middle school they would lose a total of two years of reading. So we take trips to our local library and let them choose books they want to read.

When I was a school teacher in New York City, I could remember having to re-teach material forgotten over the summer. I also noted that kids that read four or more books over the summer months had better test scores when it came to reading comprehension. Of course, I also want them to enjoy reading and not complain when they do it. I am going search high and low to find awesome, fun books that really pique their interest.

Studies show 9 out of 10 teachers have to re-teach material when kids return to school in the fall in order to get students caught up. Teachers spend anywhere from 4-6 weeks re-teaching material students forgot due to summer slide.

water familykids paddleboardingOverall, we are looking forward to our lazy summers, but a little structure doesn’t mean it won’t be a blast. I would love to hear from you!  Are you trying to get them to bed at a normal time or are you throwing the towel in…. let me know!


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15 thoughts on “Tips For Keeping Your Kids on an Easy Summer Schedule”

  1. Thanks for the snack tip. It’s nice to have bar options for my nut-allergy child. Any kiddo sunscreen suggestions? I like Banana Boat Baby but the 8 year old doesn’t like the white cast it leaves. :/. Ha!

  2. Finding a new routine is always a challenge. Not to mention, with us both being teachers, having everyone at home and around takes some getting use to. I love all these suggestions, I have a “schedule” posted that shows all the primary things that need to take place that day. Gavin is very good at getting his “chores” done as soon as he wakes up, as he does not want to have to stop and do them later in the day. Mia takes a little longer.

  3. I have another good book idea; “When the Day Is Done” (haha;) no seriously I absolutely love the book ideas that feed my boys natural and ever growing curiosities. We are currently reading about tornadoes (since moving to Colorado of course) Great great post as usual.


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