I have a feeling if most of us took a step back and looked around, we’d be able to quickly tell who we are. The people we call and message. The places we go. The clothes we wear. The things we do. Every tiny detail of our lives may give off clues on who we are. It’s definitely true for our littlest, Brody. All of the things that make him happy extend even further, making him who he is. And by living his truth, he’s inspiring all of us to do the same!

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Tiny Beautiful Things

It’s not about material items. But the things that you’re drawn to—in Brody’s case, dolls and princess dresses—help shape you into the beautiful, unique person you were meant to be. Your interests are yours alone, things that inspire you, make you happy, comfort you when you’re sad. Whether they’re books, movies you love, clothing styles, or toys, every one of us has things that bring us joy. They help define our personalities, our likes and dislikes, and even our connections with others.

Brody’s interests were never pushed on him. He was never forced to play with dolls or forced to play with cars. We bought both, we noticed he started gravitating toward dolls, and so we let him make the call for what he wanted to play with. It’s really that simple! 

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Embracing Who We Are

Loving yourself fully is an act of brave defiance. I think we’re programmed as a society to work in groups and follow the status quo. When you don’t fit that normal mold and decide to stay true to yourself anyway, that’s bold! But imagine how beautiful the world would be—and how happier we all would be—if we all just embraced who we are!

What’s so special to me about Brody, and all of my kids for that matter, is that they embrace their spirit without question. Through dance, Brody is able to express himself to the fullest and, as a result, positively impact others in the process. It’s really a beautiful thing to witness.

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Being Yourself Will Never Go Out of Style

Pick your cliche, but the statement will always ring true: there’s only one you—so you may as well learn to love yourself! And what I’m noticing with Brody is that it’s not only about what you love but how you love that defines who you are. He shows his love in big ways—a full out dance, a big hug, giggles. But even small gestures can make a big impact.

Connection is the most important thing on this planet and by embracing who you are and what you love, Brody is showing his love to everyone else around him—and we can, too!

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2 thoughts on “Brody Shows How Our Passions Define Who We Are”

  1. You are inspirational parents who are doing an amazing job letting your child be who they are. Brody is given every chance to succeed and be his truest self. You can see how happy and excited he is to do the things he is passionate about.


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