The Christmas tree has been lit, you’ve finished your Christmas shopping, and the house smells amazing. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, the holidays can also be incredibly stressful. Somewhere between holiday shopping and family gatherings, you might find yourself battling a throbbing headache. Creating a memorable Christmas for my family means a lot to me, so I don’t have time to slow down. That’s why it’s so crucial to know exactly how to get my pain under control so I can keep going.

Exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re stressed out, but going for a run or hitting the gym can actually make you feel better. Research has found that workouts can boost your mood for up to 12 hours.

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Find A Little Time Alone

With four kids, it can be hard to find time for self-care, but when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, I make it a priority. While my husband is a great partner, I know my household runs much smoother when I’m feeling my best. Whether it’s a restorative bubble bath, a brisk walk around the block (bundled up, of course!), or even just a 15-minute coffee break, this “me time” can keep holiday stress at bay and leave me feeling rejuvenated.

Of course, there are natural alternatives to stress relief out there too. One of my friends uses products such as hemp oil to manage her mental health and ease her stress and anxiety. It’s really about finding what works for you to curb stress and pain during the holiday season.

If you’re anxious, listen to your favorite music. Research from the University of Maryland shows that hearing music you love can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

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Set Boundaries For Your Own Sanity

Over the years, I’ve also learned the importance of setting healthy boundaries. Many of us struggle with wanting to be everything to everyone, and this time of year, the requests can really pile up. Before you know it, you may have more commitments than you can handle, leading to even more holiday stress and pain. It’s not easy to say no to people, and we all like to feel like superheroes, but sometimes you’ve got to hang up your cape.

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Researchers studying depression have found that certain citrus fragrances boost feelings of well-being and alleviate stress by upping levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that affects mood.

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What to Know About Over-The-Counter Medicine

No matter how hard I try, there are days when my life comes to a complete standstill because my head is pounding. In those moments, I’m grateful for effective over-the-counter pain relievers. With so many products on the market, though, it can be hard to know what to take. Are gel caps more effective? Do I really need extra strength? Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen? You might be tempted to grab whatever seems best (or cheapest!). But, when it comes to your health, it’s better to make an informed decision. has come up with a great solution for busy moms on the go. In under two minutes, their new personalized pain reliever tool will consider any specific health circumstances you might have, your lifestyle, and any current medications you’re taking before providing guidance on the best pain reliever for you. It’s almost like having your own personal pharmacist!

The fleshy place between your index finger and thumb is called the hoku spot in traditional Chinese medicine. Applying firm pressure there for just 30 seconds is believed to reduce stress and tension in your upper body.

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When to Speak to a Medical Professional

We tend to be more cautious when it comes to our children but, as parents, we need to take care of ourselves, too. Always be sure to read the drug facts label on anything you purchase to better assess the personal risk factors associated with the various OTC pain relievers. If in doubt, speak to a medical professional before taking any medication.

It’s true that there’s no place like home for the holidays, but while you’re working overtime to make sure your loved ones are filled with good cheer (and good food!), be sure to make time for yourself. Step away for a few moments when you need a break. And remember to set healthy boundaries to keep your holiday stress levels and pain under control. If you still find yourself battling a headache, take comfort in knowing that an OTC pain reliever can help. Again, don’t forget to read the labels and always use’s personalized tool to find the relief that will help you have the holiday season you deserve!

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Constant cell phone buzzes and email alerts keep us in a perpetual fight-or-flight mode due to bursts of adrenaline. Not only is this exhausting, but it contributes to mounting stress levels, especially in women.

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  1. Hello. Thanks for such an informative and really helpful article. I think this information needs to be disseminated much more, it can help many people who are under stress. For me, as for many of you, the last year turned out to be very stressful, and even the holidays did not make me feel good, but stress. Although before, Christmas in our family was very cozy and fun. Now it seems to me that after the holidays we urgently need a vacation in order to really relax. Thanks for your great advice.


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