I’m always sentimental this time of year, but especially so when it comes to Brody. It was only three years ago that I posted just another day of living with our Boss Baby Brody, dancing his heart out to the Nutcracker. For us, it was just any ol’ day. Who knew what it would become! It’s really insane to think that this tiny human has inspired so many. I’m so proud of how much joy he brings to others!

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Brody Brings Joy to Christmas

I love the holidays, but even I’ll admit I can fall victim to the holiday blues. I know for so many that this can be such a tough time of year. And I believe we have to hold onto any joy we can find. It’s still surreal to think that our Brody is that joy for so many people.

Whether it’s that very first viral video or just a quick 10-second Instagram story, Brody’s zest for life is simply contagious. When I’m having a bad day, dancing it out with him is a surefire way of boosting my mood. His joy is my joy, and I’m so glad we can share it with all of you.

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Inspiring Others to Dance

What I love most about all that has happened since Brody went viral is that his passion for dancing has only grown. It’s gone beyond something he did around the house (though that was all pure passion) to something he wants to do all the time, whether we’re at home or in a professional setting.

Beyond that, I see so many other dancers and movers that are inspired to bust a move because of him. His passion for dance encourages others to pursue their craft, whether it’s dance or another art form.

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Pursue Your Happiness

In the spirit of the season, I’ve been reflecting on this last year and the last few in general. All I can say is that it’s such a blessing to be happy, healthy, and with the ones you love. If Brody has taught me anything, it’s to find what makes you most happy and do that.

Do it all the time, share it with others, and watch as this ripple effect positively impacts everyone around you. If there’s any resolution we should take in the new year, it’s to pursue what makes us most happy—with our tiny Boss Brody as our guide!

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