Elevate your Halloween celebrations with our easy, Halloween Food Crafts for Kids! Learn how to create Zombie Cake Cups, Oogie Boogie Gelatin Cups, Spider sandwiches, and more. These whimsical, spooky treats, inspired by popular horror characters and scary Halloween ideas, are not only delightfully delicious but also double up as an engaging activity for your kids of all ages. Perfect for a Halloween party or a fun family night, these food crafts are sure to make your Halloween extra special.

Halloween Food Crafts for Kids

Odds are, your kids can’t wait for spooky season! With all the candy, costumes, and spooky Halloween decorations, it’s hard not to be excited for this time of year. So join in on their excitement and spend some quality time with them in the kitchen. Make these fun, creepy-crawly treats for a Halloween party or just as fun Halloween food ideas! Easy Halloween crafts and treats can be two in one if you have the right recipes and the right ingredients. With these easy, colorful recipes from our favorite bloggers, making Halloween treats with your kids will be fun and just a little bit scary!

Trick-or-treating has existed since medieval times. But back then, it was known as “guising” in Scotland and Ireland.

halloween witch treat
witch ice cream cone

Ding-Dong the Witch is Gone

These ice cream cone witch hats from It’s Always Autumn are such easy Halloween treats to bring out at any Halloween party or fun Halloween activities! If you’re looking for something super simple and easy to decorate, that children of all ages can handle, here you have it! 

ingredients for with hat cookies
witch hat cookies

Witch Hat Cookies

Take it one step further by making Easy Witch Hat Cookies, from Our Wabi Sabi  Life. These festive treats are made with moonpies, ice cream cones, chocolate, and candy, and they’re sure to put a spell on you. Especially when you take the cone off and find a surprise. Adding the surprise takes just a few extra simple steps. 

halloween ghost treats

Going Boo-nanas

Your kids will have so much fun making these frozen white chocolate banana ghost pops from Skinny Taste. They’re spooky and delicious. Kids will have a great time dunking the bananas into the melted chocolate. Not to mention, it’s a great way to incorporate a healthy snack into the festivities. Because you’ll need to add some fruits and veggies for the little kids after all that Halloween candy!

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Sugar rationing during World War II halted trick-or-treating.

halloween spider cookies

The Melted Friend

Who doesn’t like cookies? And peanut butter cup spider cookies are a delicious way to get festive. These sweet treats from Cincy Shopper are certainly a crowd-pleaser. And if you don’t want to make the Halloween cookies from scratch (or you just don’t have the time)⁠, opt for premade dough instead.

Illinois produces up to five times more pumpkins than any other state.

halloween candy corn marshmallows

The Mellow Ghost

These adorable marshmallow pals are scary-simple to make! Even if you don’t love candy corn this is such a fun project. You and the kids will love these little candy corn buddies! Have yourself a spooky time with marshmallow ghosts that have a candy corn touch with this recipe from Knead to Cook.

candy ingredients
pumpkin patch treat
halloween treat

Take Me to the Pumpkin Patch

Talk about a perfect way to add a twist to a classic! Cute pumpkins in dirt cups from I Can Teach My Child are such a fun and simple way to reinvent a novelty. With their own tiny “pumpkin patch,” your kids can feel like they’re getting dirty without giving you a fright.

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Jack o’ lanterns come from the story of Stingy Jack who tricked the devil.  He was not allowed into heaven or hell so he wandered the Earth, carrying a lantern, and went by “Jack of the Lantern.”

orange rice crispy balls
pumpkin rice kirspy treats
halloween candy pumpkin rice krispy treats

You’re My Pumpkin

Rice Krispy Treats have such a nostalgic flavor and are a universal crowd-pleaser⁠—it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love these sticky squares! These pumpkin treats from Yummy Healthy Easy are just so darling and have the perfect Halloween spirit. Plus you already know they’ll be a hit with your whole family!

halloween treats

Spider Crawling Up My Spine

Or in this case up my plate. These sandwiches could not be easier to make. Use premade Uncrustables or make your own using a sandwich cutter or cookie cuter. Then add your favorite pretzel sticks in as legs, 3 on each side. Add chocolate chips or something similar for the eyes and this Halloween food craft for kids is done. So simple, but what kid isn’t going to love this? This is a great one for younger kids because it is so simple to make. Even those older kids will love eating them when you are looking for Activities For Your Teens This Halloween

zombie cake cups

Brain-Eating Treats

Kids are going to love making these Zombie cake cups, from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons, as easy Halloween desserts. Zombie Cake Cups are the brain-eating deliciousness they’ve been craving! Layers of bright green cake, frosting, and cookies, put together parfait style with little fingers crawling from the cup. Perfect for sharing at a kid’s party or keeping all to yourself.

The Michael Myers mask in “Halloween” is actually a mask of “Star Trek” actor William Shatner.

halloween quote
oogie boogie man

The Oogie Boogie Man

Discover how to make Oogie Boogie Gelatin Cups, an easy and fun Halloween treat inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. These delightful cups are made with layers of colorful gelatin, creating a mesmerizing effect reminiscent of Oogie Boogie’s sinister charm. Perfect for kids and fans of the movie, these spooky treats are quick to prepare and will bring an extra dose of Halloween magic to your celebrations. Get ready to impress your guests with these hauntingly delicious treats that are as fun to make as they are to eat!

halloween treats

The Monster Ate My Apple

This is another super simple Halloween food craft for kids that is so simple to make. And it is healthy too. Have your little monsters make a monster face into their apples. Simply slice a chunk of the apple out of the apple. Add nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips as the teeth. You can even use marshmallows. Add some fun eyes using googly eyes or whatever you have. Give him a fruit roll-up tongue and he is ready to get everyone into an apple a day to keep the monster away. 


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