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Get Fit This Summer With These Outdoor Workouts

Get Fit This Summer With These Outdoor Workouts

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Get Fit This Summer With These Outdoor Workouts

Cancel that gym membership you rarely use (guilty as charged)—it’s time to head outdoors! With summer on the horizon and spring in full swing, there’s no excuse these days to stay indoors for your workout. You can knock out your sweat sesh and soak up the sunshine all at the same time, whether you’re at a park, walking around town or heading out on a hiking trail. For total workout inspo, here are four of our favorite outdoor workouts and moves to get you feeling energized. Now drop and give me twenty!

Need to catch up on your beauty sleep? Regular physical exercise can actually help you sleep better.

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Jog or Hike

Sure, you can spend your day walking in place on a treadmill, but why would you when you can head outside and explore your city?! Go for a 20-30 minute jog in the park or along the coast—our favorite is Mission Bay here in San Diego. Or if you prefer to retreat further into nature, take advantage of nearby trails for a morning or afternoon hike. If you’re located in San Diego, a few of our go-tos are Torrey Pines, Cowles Mountain and Mission Trails.

The National Weight Control Registry found that 89 percent of people who use a combination of diet and exercise were successful at keeping the weight off for over one year.

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Walking Lunges

Oh, the dreaded lunge. There’s a reason so many people dislike lunges: they make for a killer workout! Take your workout on the move with walking lunges. Stand straight with feet hip-width apart and engage your core. Take a big step forward with one leg and bend both knees as you lower your hips toward the ground. Keep your back straight and your front knee directly over your ankle. Then straighten and rise as you come to neutral before taking another step forward to repeat with the other leg. Complete three reps of twenty!

Packed schedule? Even 10 minutes of exercise will help raise your heart rate and maintain fitness levels.

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Step-Ups and Jump-Ups

We love a good prop! Head out to your local park and snag a picnic table for these easy and heart-rate boosting moves. To go easy on your knees, stick with step-ups, where you keep your hands on your hips and step up onto the park bench, then back down, one foot at a time. Take the move up a level with turning that into a jump! Extend arms forward and jump from a bent-knee position up onto the bench, then step down. Repeat for two reps of fifteen, then enjoy a picnic lunch because you earned it!

Hit the beach! Swimming is a great form of exercise because it incorporates both cardio and strength training.

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Straight-Arm Bench Plank

Don’t stray too far from that park bench, you’ll need it for this awesome arm move! Walk out into plank position with your feet on top of the bench, make sure your back is raised up and straight to form one continuous line from head to foot. With your arms straight and aligned underneath your shoulders, hold a plank for 30 seconds. To up the intensity, alternate bringing bent knees to elbow and hold with each leg. Feel the burn!

Muscle mass begins to diminish at a rate of 1 percent a year in middle age.

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