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In the Schaffer house, we love to encourage our children to use their free time to learn something new. Whether it’s a unique craft project, a cool dance move, or starting a new book, there’s always something fun and educational for them to try! And as my kids start developing a love for reading, they are always asking for more great books. So I was so excited to introduce my love of Star Wars to them through reading. They’re currently reading Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test Of Courage. Written by Justina Ireland, it’s about a new, 16-year-old Jedi Knight (which teens will love!).

The Empire Strikes Back begins on the ice planet of Hoth. It was shot partially on location at the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in Norway.

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A Part of the Star Wars Universe 

The story takes place long before the Clone Wars, the Empire, or the First Order, when the Jedi lit the way for the galaxy in a golden age known as The High Republic. It tells the tale of Vernestra Rwoh, a new Jedi Knight, taking on her first Jedi assignment! She’s been charged with supervising twelve-year-old aspiring inventor Avon Starros. The two travel on a cruiser headed to a new space station called Starlight Beacon. But soon danger strikes and with their new friends, they’ll have to find a way to save the day!

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The phrase “I have a bad feeling about this” or “I have a very bad feeling about this” is said in every Star Wars movie.

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Reading For All Ages

And Star Wars fan or not, there is something in this story for the whole family. I can read some of the other novels, while my children enjoy A Test Of Courage. Teenagers will connect with the main character while little ones will love the adventure!

This is the perfect entry book for anyone who has never seen or read Star Wars before. Whether you remember watching Luke first get his lightsaber in A New Hope when you were a kid, or you’re just starting to discover this magical, sci-fi universe, all of your kids will love this story. Plus, it might just inspire a new love of reading in your little ones!

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The noise a lightsaber makes is created by combining the hum of an old television’s picture tube and the buzz of a film projector’s motor.

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