Let My Baby Be Baby

It’s been ten months since we brought our sweet little surprise home. Brody Hudson, such the beautiful boy if I...

The Ultimate Dad

Fortunately for me, I had a great role model that stepped in as a father figure, my Daddy Paul. He...

Random thoughts, from a mom of four. A huge part of who I am comes from those four little beings who made me a mother. My children are the ones who light my soul ablaze and open my heart to the biggest kind of love.

Like all moms, from the minute we open our eyes to the moment we put our head on our pillow, we are mothering, wifing, and running the machinery of the entire home.  The job isn’t easy and we can absolutely never call in sick.

Sure, a little “me time” would allow us to feel less addled and overworked, but more often than not, we worry our world will get flipped upside down in our absence.  And never mind the thoughts of mom guilt that cloud over us at times.

I’m the first to admit. I lead a very hectic life and take on more than a mom with a supercharged cape would.  My four kids are super active, and I relish watching them do what makes them happy.

Would I change anything about being Mom to my four angels? Absolutely not!