6 Easy & Fun Crafts to Do With Your Kids This Easter

decorated easter eggs

6 Easy & Fun Crafts to Do With Your Kids This Easter

Pastels, flower prints, chocolates galore, and brunches with the whole family. Easter comes with the mystery, excitement, and belief surrounding the big bunny himself, not to mention peeps in every shade and the ultimate fun of the hunt for that big Easter basket!

But when every hidden egg has been located, and all the food has been eaten with glee, there’s plenty of ways to keep the family fun and good vibes going strong. Crafting is a great excuse to encourage quality time, spark creativity, and get your hands dirty in the name of fun. Sprinkle in some pom poms, dive into inventive egg projects, and add a whole lot of color—it’s a recipe for festivity for you and your little ones!

carrot bookmark

Read All About It

Be it the “Harry Potter” series or a bedtime page-turner for toddlers, hold your spot without skipping a beat, saving your page with these adorable Carrot Corner Bookmarks by Easy Peasy & Fun.

Great for younger kiddos and teens alike, these bookmarks lean on simple origami techniques for absolute beginners and youngsters. Think paper, markers, scissors, and glue—no sweat!

The first Easter Bunny story was published in 1680.

decorated easter eggs

Egg-scuse Me!

Whether you want to go big or small, eggs are an ingenious canvas on which to create works of vibrant art! This step by step guide on Design Improvised will walk you through this simple yet gorgeous craft where paint, pom poms, and rickrack trim will turn lackluster paper mache into covetable delights!

On average, the USA spends almost $2 billion on Easter candy. It’s a close second to Halloween in terms of sweets expenditure.

easter bunny tshirt

Hop To It!

Yes, bright lavender bows and pale pink chiffon are fun for photos. But when playtime comes around, let your little bunnies wear their creations! Cue Cutesy Crafts’ Eraser-Stamped Easter Bunny Shirts, ideal for assembling the day before so as to not spoil fancier threads. Who knew your pencil’s less exciting end could result in so much color! 

Since 1878, each President of the United States has taken part in the ceremonial White House Easter Egg Roll on the lawn.

decorated easter eggs

To Dye For

If your go-to for dying eggs involves store-bought tablets that give basic outcomes, that’s cool. But if your child prefers to mix things up and be wowed (with minimal cleanup) then look no further. Happiness is Homemade lays out a how-to for exquisite marbled eggs that are unbelievably easy—seriously! The outcome will be something you’ll want to repeat and share with all ages. 

Egg dyes were originally made out of natural ingredients like beet juices, flower petals, spinach, and spices like turmeric.

easter headband

Bright Baubles 

Insanely fluffy and cuddly, baby chicks are another barnyard creature associated with Easter. Design Improvised lays out the how-to on assembling these Baby Chick Headbands—the perfect accessory to add some pep to any Easter ensemble. In just a few minutes you’ll find your heart breaking from an overload of cuteness.

If you ever doubted the power of the Peep, think again. In the US, we purchase over 700 million marshmallow Peeps come each Easter. The fluffy sweet treats are the most popular Easter candy after chocolate.

craft carrots

Eat (& Play With) Your Veggies

It’s hard enough to get kids to eat vegetables, but it will be a piece of cake getting them to put together Easy Peasy & Fun’s Craft Sticks Carrots! Dot your home or kids’ rooms with these orange and green gems. Or string a bunch together to make a garland for the dinner table!

Ears, feet, tail—the choice is yours! But over 75 percent of Americans eat the ears on a chocolate bunny first.

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